How to Get Valheim Sealbreaker Fragments

Valheim Sealbreaker Fragment cover

Sealbreaker Fragments are pieces that are need to create the Sealbreaker, the key which will unlock the lair where The Queen, Valheim’s strongest boss, can be found. Looking for these fragments can be chore since they are scattered within the dungeons of the Mistlands.

Where to find Sealbreaker Fragments in Valheim

Sealbreaker Fragments can be found within Infested Mines. They are usually on top of altars, encased inside glass orbs. While some infested mines can have more than one fragments inside them, there are some mines that can have none, so it’s best to check every mine within the area to make sure that you have enough for a Sealbreaker.

How to make the Sealbreaker Key in Valheim

Once you have collected 9 Sealbreaker Fragments, you can then craft the Sealbreaker at a Galdr table. The Sealbreaker can then be used to break the Dverger seal and open the door leading to the Infested Citadel where The Queen resides.

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Check out this video by Jade PG showing how to find Sealbreaker Fragments in Valheim:

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