How to Heal in Atomic Heart

You will be healing a lot in Atomic Heart, might as well know how to

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There’s no two ways about it – everything in Facility 3826 is out to kill you. Keeping your health up is a top priority if you don’t want to end up as a splat on the floor. Fortunately, agent P-3 has the technology to quickly heal wounds at a moment’s notice. All thanks to the advancements in Soviet technology.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how you can heal yourself in Atomic Heart as well as the different healing items and the character upgrades that benefit healing most.

How to Heal in Atomic Heart

How do you Heal in Atomic Heart?

To heal while using a keyboard, all you have to do is press X. That will consume the healing item that’s presently equipped. To scroll through the other healing capsules in your possession, press Z and C to cycle through them.

How do you Heal in Atomic Heart?

If you are using a controller, pressing down on the D-PAD will use up your healing item. Unfortunately, it looks like you do not have the option to cycle through items. Instead, what you can try to do is hold X or square to bring up the radial menu. And from there, you can choose between the three support items designed at the top.

To use other items in your bag, press RT or R2 while hovering over the support items. Doing this will bring up the rest of the items in your bag. Then you can tilt the stick in the direction of the item you want to use and press RT or R2 to consume it. You can exit this menu at any time by pressing LT or L2.

Healing Types

The following list of items are ones you can craft after finding their associated blueprints and handing over the necessary materials to the vendor.

Healing Types - How to Heal in Atomic Heart

Small Neuromed Capsule

  • Immediately recovers 50 Health
  • Required resources
    • 2 synthetic material
    • 4 biomaterials

Medium Neuromed Capsule

  • Immediately recovers 100 Health
  • Required resources
    • 4 synthetic material
    • 4 biomaterials
    • 1 chemistry

Large Neuromed Capsule

  • Immediately recovers 150 Health
  • Required resources
    • 8 synthetic material
    • 5 biomaterials
    • 2 chemistry

Adrenaline Capsule

  • Restores Health and dodge
  • Required resources
    • 10 metal parts
    • 5 biomaterials
    • 3 chemistry

Healing Upgrades

Wild Boar

  • Increases your maximum Health

Med Unit Upgrade

  • Your suit’s built-in Med Unit restores more Health


  • Increases your maximum Health


  • You can use Neuromed capsule with one hand


  • Increases your maximum Health

And there you have it, everything you need to know about how to heal in Atomic Heart, and a few additional tidbits. Hopefully, this information can help you out in your little adventure.

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