How to Increase Inventory Space in Atomic Heart

More space mean you can keep yourself alive longer. Simple as that

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At its very core, Atomic Heart is a survival FPS game where ammo and consumables are scarce commodities. Item management plays a crucial role in you keeping yourself alive. But what happens when can’t fit any more stacks of bullets and healing items anymore? Then it might be time to consider upgrading that bag of yours.

In this guide, we’ll tell you what you need to do in order to increase your inventory space in Atomic Heart. The process is painless, for the most part, we assure you.

How to increase inventory space in Atomic Heart?

To increase inventory space, you need to purchase a couple of specific skill upgrades using Neuropolymers. The Neuro-Compression Tactical Backpack, to be exact.

To access the skills, you’ll need to go to the nearest repair vendor. From there, you’ll want to go to Skills from the menu, and then select the Character tab.

How to increase inventory space in Atomic Heart

Starting from NORA’s Kiss at the center of the tree, move down the tree. You’ll first have to purchase the Extra Capacity Cluster Munitions first. But don’t worry, this little upgrade increases the amount of ammo you can carry in one stack.

To the left and right of that node is the Neuro-Compression Tactical Backpacks you are looking for.

How to increase inventory space in Atomic Heart

Both upgrades require 75 Neuropolymer each. For a total of 150 Neuropolymer.

Buying the two upgrades will increase the number of item slots in your inventory from the default amount to 40 slots. That’s ample space for a couple of long weapons, two pistol-sized ones, consumables, and matching ammo stacks.

And that’s everything you need to know about increasing inventory space in Atomic Heart. Hopefully, this guide helps you survive a little more effectively within the ground of Facility 3826.

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