How to Kick Out in AEW Fight Forever

Learn how to Kick out and escape pins easily in AEW: Fight Forever with the help of this guide.

When you’ve got your back against the ground, you need to kick out in AEW Fight Forever to escape your opponent’s grasp. If you stay there and do nothing, they will complete their submission, and you can consider the match lost. The issue with this is that players seem to have some confusion about how the escape mechanics work in AEW: Fight Forever because kicking out isn’t explained so well.

How to Kick-Out in AEW: Fight Forever?

In contrast to the tutorial telling you to mash all four buttons, you only need to mash one button in AEW Fight Forever to kick out. Hitting the four buttons rapidly doesn’t actually matter in the long run when escaping a submission. You’re better off just mashing out to kick out and get back on your feet.

The escape mechanics in AEW Fight Forever is a bit more complex than just mashing a button to kick-out. As you take damage, it’ll become harder to kick out of a submission. On the lower left side of your screen you’ll see an indicator that shows how much damage you’ve taken. If even just one part of your body is red, kicking out during a submission to escape isn’t going to be likely. You’ll also have to watch out for the same when dealing with the danger zone’s momentum bar.

There are wrestlers in AEW Fight Forever that have better chances to kick-out than most. If you want to make sure you’re giving your opponent a hard time putting you in a submission hold, then make sure to pick these wrestlers. You can even pick and set these skills for your own custom wrestler in AEW Fight Forever’s Road to Elite.

AEW: Fight Forever Kick Outs

Necessary Skills for Kick Out

Be on the lookout for these skills if you want a wrestler who can kick out more easily:

  • Kick Out Buff: As the name implies, you’re given a large portion of your momentum back after an opponent’s attempt to pin you though it will only occur once per match.
  • Submission Toughness: Gives you more durability to resist submissions against opponents.
  • Grit: After using a signature or finisher, you’re given a small chance to escape a submission attempt by kick out.
  • Groggy Buff: When your HP falls below 30%, you’re given a boost to your momentum.
  • Down But Not Out: When your HP reaches zero, you’re given a chance to gain back your momentum.
  • Bail Out: You can use this Action Skill to roll out of the ring when you’re knocked down. When your opponent successfully uses their signature against you, use Bail Out to roll out of the ring and prevent yourself from being pinned down.

Getting used to kick outs is going to take a bit of practice. Playing by yourself means that you’ll not have as much chances to get used to them unless your back is really against the wall. You’ll get more experience by fighting against difficult wrestlers on higher difficulties as they have a tendency of doing their signatures and finishers more often. They’ll immediately go for a pin afterwards.

It’s important that you know how to kick out as some of the AEW Fight Forever trophies and achievements require that you have some endurance. Imagine having to complete 100 Matches in Exhibition without mastering kicking out of submissions.