How to Level Up Fast in New World

Here's how you can easily level up in this game.

New World

MMORPGs are notoriously one of the hardest games to level up your characters especially the ones that are free-to-play. Experience gains are so low that you will have to risk diving into difficult dungeons to gain large experience points.

In New World, it is easier to level up if you just know what you are doing. Here is how to effectively level up in New World to quickly fast-track your character.

Complete All Main and Side Missions

The easiest way to gain a lot of experience is to complete all of the main and side missions. As a single mission, it will not give you tons of experience, but as a whole, it will make it worthwhile since there is a lot of missions to complete. You can also unlock new features if you proceed with the main questline, which can offer big experience rewards.

Complete the Easier Town Projects

If you want to have easy large chunks of experience in one go, then complete an easy Town Project. Each of them offers a lot of rewards including big experience points that can level up your characters easily. It also offers points that will improve your region standing.

Why complete Town Projects? It is because of its easy objectives that you can complete with just collecting. For example, you can easily gain experience points by just collecting 100 Water. Buy a specific amount of items from the town’s Trading Post, which are cheap.

On the way to completing the Town Project, you can also stockpile resources for your storage. Aside from collecting items for your quest, you can also gather your own resources that you can convert into materials for crafting gear and other helpful items.

PvP Battle Participation Provides Huge XP

If you are one of the daring players who can enable PvP settings easily, then this might be a big chance for you to level up. By just enabling it, you already have a 5 percent experience boost that will help you passively in leveling up. This is one of the reasons why many players risk playing with PvP.

Another reason is by hunting down flagged players. If they have been in that state for long, you will get a certain amount of experience by killing them and weapon mastery too. If they just got flagged, then zero experience from that.

This is the fastest way to gain experience in New World, the only way to gain faction tokens, and the fastest way to master a weapon. Getting faction gear is also the best way to increase your gear score, which is why a lot of players want to risk this.

Tips and Tricks for Leveling up Quickly

Here are some tips and tricks you can use in order to quickly gain experience rather than lagging behind your friends.

Always use Fast Travel because it will make it easier to move around the map. Just make sure you have enough Azoth currency to pay for fast travel, but you can easily gain this by completing missions. You can take advantage of fast traveling to an inn and your house though, which is free for use. For the inn, you have to be checked in.

Get passive buffs by completing the content in the faction-owned territory. If there is a mission in a territory that your faction owns, then you can get buffs by completing all of them. Remember, each region will have its own unique buffs so it will not be necessarily about experience boosts.

Improve the region standing you are in to get experience buffs. Complete those Town Projects in order for the region to recognize you for your efforts, which will then turn into passive buffs that boost your experience gains.

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New World is now available on PC.