How to Open All Lockers in Amnesia: The Bunker

Here's how to open lockers and find all possible codes in Amnesia: The Bunker.

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Lockers in Amnesia: The Bunker offer some of the most valuable items, like ammunition, gasoline, and even key items like the lockdown wheel. However, these are often locked, which prevents you from getting items that could otherwise be so useful as to even save your life. Use this guide to learn about all the lockers in Amnesia: The Bunker.

How to Open Lockers in Amnesia: The Bunker?

To open lockers, you need to learn the codes, which is done by picking up the dog tags of fallen soldiers. The codes will be randomized per playthrough, and the dog tag placements aren’t always the same, so you’ll have to start looking every time you play a new game.

The best way to open lockers in Amnesia: The Bunker is to look for the dog tags which are usually near dead bodies. Each time you pick up a dog tag, look behind it for a possible code to one of the lockers. Not all dog tags will have one. However, you don’t need to memorize the number, as it automatically gets saved to your journal. Each locker has a four-digit combination code that will open it but it’ll be different for everyone else.

For example, the dog tag for Delisle’s locker I found on my playthrough was 2057 however it was 2160 for the same locker in someone else’s game. It is possible to randomly guess that number but you have 9,999 combinations to go through. You’re also vulnerable when trying to put in the locker codes as the game doesn’t pause unlike pulling up your journal, so the monster could sneak up behind you while you’re doing this.

We have a guide detailing the possible locations for dogs tags in Amnesia: The Bunker. If you want the Codebreaker achievement, you have to open all the lockers in Mission Storage.

Where to Find All Lockers in Amnesia: The Bunker?

All lockers in the game can be found in the Mission Storage room. These lockers will need the codes, which you find on the back of the dog tags that are spread throughout the different areas of the game.

Lockers will contain useful items such as the gas mask, ammunition, and even a shotgun on your second playthrough. It only ever has one key item necessary to complete the game, which is the lockdown wheel locked behind Delisle’s locker. Because of how Amnesia: The Bunker works, the locker contents are also randomized except for a few items.

That’s how to open all the lockers in Amnesia the Bunker.