How to Play Marvel’s Spider Man 2 Early (New Zealand Trick)

How to play Marvel's Spider-Man 2 early using the New Zealand trick for PS5?

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 How to Play Early featured

How do you play Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 early? Even weeks before the game’s scheduled release, it seems that there are a few who are already web swinging through the streets of New York. I can understand how excited you are to play as either Miles or Peter, so this guide will show you how you can play Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 ahead of schedule.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will be released and playable at midnight on October 20 in your local timezone. It will not be a simultaneous global release. The game will first be accessible in New Zealand due to their timezone advantage. Unlike other game releases, Spider-Man 2 did not include early access to the game as part of its pre-order bonuses.

How to Play Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Early

It is possible to play Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 early by using the New Zealand trick. By tricking the servers into believing you’re in a different time zone, you’ll be able to play this game hours before you normally would be able to.

But wait, how are other people playing Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 earlier than this? Well, you kind of have to be a game reviewer to play the game much earlier. We got our early copy from Sony for review purposes which you can check out here. Gaming websites like ours often request for a code as early as publishers are willing in order to be given enough time to get a good idea if we should recommend the game. It’s usually a good sign to see publishers giving review copies early as it means they have little to hide about their game’s performance.

As a regular player, you can get play Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 hours earlier than its launch time. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is scheduled to launch at 12 AM, October 20 at your local time. How early you can play it before its launch depends on where you are in the world. You’ll be able to play the game at the same time as New Zealanders.

Considering how long Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is, you’ll be able to get some decent progress in before the weekend is even here.

How to Use New Zealand Trick to Play Spider-Man 2 Early?

In order to use the New Zealand Trick on the PS5, you’ll have to buy the game from an PlayStation account registered to New Zealand. If you already have a copy of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 on your main account, you’ll have to refund it and pre-order it using the New Zealand account.

  • Register for a new PlayStation account.
  • Make sure to set Country/Region to New Zealand.
  • Set your City to Auckland or Wellington
  • Pre-order Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 using the New Zealand account.
  • Go to Settings and Enable Console Sharing.
  • Pre-load Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.
  • Play the game once it launches for New Zealand.

Creating another PSN account will require a new email address. If you don’t have a second email address to use, you’ll have to make one first because your main email address is being used by your main PSN account.

For payment, be aware that the NZ PlayStation Store might not support your currency or address. To purchase Marvel’s Spider-Man on your NZ account, you may also need to buy gift cards from alternative sources.

To get an idea of how early you can play Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 with this trick we have to talk about the different time zones. New Zealand is 17 hours ahead of the actual New York which is under EST time. You’ll have to check your time zone and compare it to NZST time to get an accurate idea of when you can start playing Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

You’ll still also have to pre-load Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 which requires 86.37 GB of free space on your storage. If you don’t have enough space, you’ll have to make some room.

Is Using the New Zealand Trick Worth It?

Using the New Zealand trick to play Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 early might not be worth it. Unlike in Xbox where you just have to change the time and region, using the New Zealand trick is a hassle just to play the game a bit earlier than everyone else.

You could also potentially lose your pre-order bonuses if you play it using the New Zealand trick on your US account. Considering that pre-purchasing the game entitles you to additional outfits for Peter and Miles, an extra gadget, and a head start in skill points, it isn’t worth the risk losing your pre-order bonuses.

On the plus side, you do get to see more of New York before anyone else can. Considering that Insomniac Games is bringing Brooklyn to the playground, there’s plenty of new Photo-Ops to take as either Miles or Peter. You can also collect the new suits, gadgets, and their upgrades earlier than everyone else.