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Learn to play as Taz in MultiVersus.

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Taz MultiVersus as a fighter is one of the most nimble and aggressive characters in the game. This Looney Tunes character has established himself as one of the series favorite and in MultiVersus he’s an excellent pick. This cartoonish Tasmanian Devil can harness the power of destructive force to push competition out of the way, literally. Learn how to play as Taz in MultiVersus.

Taz MultiVersus Guide

Taz is an aggressive brawler, often putting himself directly in front of combat. This cartoonish character may be known for his comedic antics in Looney Tunes but he gives no respite to foes in a fight. Harnessing his power to spin and other forms of attacks, he can leave the enemy teams disoriented and flying.

Amusingly enough, Taz can transform enemies into chicken. An ability unique to him that has yet to be seen in the actual cartoon. This may be due to how he has once tried to cook Bugs and other characters in a similar way to that of a tasty chicken meal. Either way, it’s a pretty useful skill.

Taz Specials

  • Bottomless Pit (Passive): Taz has attacks that inflict Tasty damage that stacks. Once an enemy is stacked with enough Tasty, they become Cooked and turn into a giant cooked chicken that can’t do anything but move around. Giant cooked chickens will also drop smaller versions of cooked chickens that Taz and his allies can pick up, healing them. Alternatively, Taz can also lick passing allies healing them slightly.
  • Chew em up, Spit em out (Neutral Special): Taz can consume projectiles and even enemies and can chew on them for additional damage. He can then select a direction to spit out his foes like a projectile. When done on the air, Taz cannot chew. This will also power up his Down Special ability by spitting out the projectile he eats.
  • Taz-nado (Side Special): Taz spins into his infamous destructive tornado that can deal damage to enemies. Passing by allies grants them haste and increases the duration of the special.
  • Dogpile! Dogpile! (Up Special): Taz creates a dogpile that damages enemies who walk in. It will slowly grow in size over time. It has a long cooldown and attempting to use the special again during the period will have Taz swipe twice upwards in succession instead.
  • You Spit What You Eat (Down Special): Burp up the apples or the projectile you swallowed using Taz’s neutral special. Apples deal a small amount of Tasty to enemies while swallowed projectiles deal a large amount of Tasty.

Taz MultiVersus is a great fighter that can debuff enemies by stacking them with Tasty. Enemies inflicted with Tasty will turn to a chicken for a few seconds. They can’t do anything during that period but run around and dodge attacks allowing Taz to put himself on the offensive even more.

How to Play Taz MultiVersus

Taz MultiVersus Perks

Taz will gain perks as you play as him and level him up. Here are all the Taz MultiVersus perks:

  • Percussive Punch Power (Level 2): Taz and his team deals 5% more damage with horizontal knockbacks.
  • Absorb ‘n’ Go (Level 4): Taz and his team gets a 7% cooldown refund when knocked back by projectiles.
  • Equip Ally Perks (Level 6): Taz can borrow a perk from his teammate.
  • Tasmanian Trigonometry (Level 7): Taz and his team gets 15% more knockback influence.
  • Iron Stomach (Level 8): Taz can consume a projectile that turns into an anvil when he spits it out.
  • I Gotta Get In There (Level 10): Taz’s teammates can jump into the dogpile which increases its damage, knockback, duration, and armor whilst its duration.
  • School Me Once (Level 11): Taz and his team can receive a projectile block buff after being hit by a projectile for two seconds.
  • Hit Me If You’re Able (Level 12): Taz and his team has 5% more dodge speed.
  • That’s (Not) All Folks! (Level 13): Taz can ring an enemy out of the blast zone and will be pushed back into the center giving him a chance to recover.

You can equip these perks before a fight starts at character selection.

Tips for Playing Taz MultiVersus

Taz is probably one of the best fighters in the MultiVersus game. He’s actually at the top of our MultiVersus tier list. Taz is aggressive and has attacks that can knock enemies reliably out of the ring. He can practically turn anything into a projectile thanks to his Chew em up, Spit em out special ability.

Despite Taz’s aggression, he does require coordination with this team to function in full. If you have the I Gotta Get In There in there perk, make sure to let your teammates know that they can join in. He can even buff them with haste thanks to his Taz-nado ability.

When fighting as Taz, focus on singling out a particular character in team fights. The more Tasty stacks the higher the chances that they’ll turn into a helpless piece of meat that can run around and do nothing. This lets you pile more damage in or eliminate a fighter from the opposing team for a few seconds.

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That’s our guide for How to Play Taz MultiVersus. We hope you found this article to be informative. For more MultiVersus content, stay with us!

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