How to Rename Ships in Starfield

Find out how to name any ship you get your hands on.

Starfield rename ships cover

You can rename ships in Starfield for a more personal connection with your main mode of transportation. Ships in the game are very important, and there’s a lot you can do to customize them, including choosing their very own names. Make sure to give your ship its very own name to be remembered. Here’s a guide that shows you how to rename ships in Starfield.

How to Rename Your Ship in Starfield?

Dock at any landing port and talk to the Ship Services Technician found nearby for ship modifications. You can rename your ship by going to the Ship Builder and clicking Flight Check. From there, choose to Rename and you’ll be asked what you want to name your ship.

After typing in the new name of your ship, you’ll have to confirm modification to make the final changes. You now have a new ship name. It’s important to note that if this is a ship you have commandeered or stolen, you have to first pay some credits to register it at the landing port before you can rename it.

Renaming your ship in Starfield will not cost you any credits. So you’re free to rename your ship as much as you want. However, there are restrictions in that you cannot name your ship for more than 64 characters. Other than that, you’re free to name it whatever you want.

Starfield allows you to have more than one ship. Any ship that you’re currently controlling is considered your Home Ship but only those that are registered to you can be customized. Whenever you dock enemy ships, you can take control after defeating their crew and sitting on the pilot helm. You can then rename your newly acquired ship by docking it, speaking to the Ship Services Technician to register it, and then modifying it.

You’re able to switch ships in Starfield. This allows you to customize multiple ships and assemble your own fleet. It can help if you give your ships unique names so you don’t have trouble identifying them when pulling them out for a ride.