How to Repair Parts, Items, and Gears in New World

Learn how to salvage items for Repair Parts and how to properly repair damaged gear.

If you have ever experienced death in New World, you would have already seen this on your gear and inventory list: degradation of their durability. Damaged gear will still be useable but at a certain point, it will get disabled, which is something you should not ignore when playing this game.

This is the reason you should be repairing your items in New World in order to have your character in peak condition. Here is how you do it.

How Can You Repair Your Items and Gears That Got Damaged?

The first thing you should open is the inventory window in order to see the gear that you got equipped. It will also show all of the gear that was not equipped by the character. Remember, when your character dies in the game, it is not just the gear that you equipped that gets damaged/degraded, also your unequipped ones. This is why it was mentioned in our guide about the consequences when you die in New World that you should store your extra gear in the storage for safekeeping and from getting damaged.

The advantage of having damaged gear is that it will not have lower stats unlike other MMORPGs. It can still be used, but if the durability goes 0, it will no longer be useable. Only when it gets fixed it will be useable again. Another good advantage is that items do not break when their durability goes 0.

When you open the inventory screen, you can easily repair the damaged gears with the proper materials right away. No need to go through a lot of hoops just to repair.

Another way to repair your damaged gear is by crafting and using a Repair Kit. This still works the same as how you can repair it with Repair Parts, but the previous method is the easier way to do it these days.

How to Get Repair Parts

There is only one way to get Repair Parts that you can use to repair your damaged items. The method is to salvage your gear that you do not use anymore for Repair Parts. When you go further and further down to the gameplay of New World, you will have to bind your items to your character to prevent selling them at the Trading Post or accidentally giving it to others. If you get better equipment down the road, the ones that you have bound will not be useable anymore, so it would be better to salvage them for parts.

Just hover your mouse arrow on the item and just press the key S and left-click on the mouse at the same time. A pop-up window will appear saying what you can get from salvaging the item. It will offer Repair Parts and a very small amount of gold. You can also salvage other items like junk, fish, and more for materials that you can use later on.

How to Start Repairing Your Damaged Items and Gears

Now, to repair your damaged items, just hover your mouse arrow on one of them and just press key R and left-click to repair it. A pop-up window will then appear showing the items needed to repair the damaged gear. This will need a fee and the number of Repair Parts needed.

Here are some tricks you can follow in order NOT to repair every single damaged gear in your inventory tab. If you are being lazy and you have the necessary Repair Parts to repair all damaged gear that you got equipped is just click the Repair All button below the character on the inventory screen. The second one is a small wrench icon near the inventory tab where when you click it, it repairs all of the unequipped gear on that tab.

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New World is now available on PC.