How to Reroll in Tower of Fantasy

A guide on how to reroll in Tower of Fantasy.

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Rerolling is usually done by players who take min-maxing seriously to get those ultra-rare and powerful characters early on in the game. It is possible to do in Tower of Fantasy, but there are just a couple more steps to take given the limited things that can be done when starting out a new account.

In this guide, we will walk you through the rerolling process in Tower of Fantasy and talk about the things that should be considered to make the experience as fast as possible.

Quick Steps for Rerolling in Tower of Fantasy

Here’s a quick step-by-step overview of the things to do to reroll in the game.

  1. Sign up for an account.
  2. Play through the tutorial.
    • Take some detours to collect Gold Nuclei.
  3. Complete the “Ecological Station Intruders” to unlock Summoning.
  4. Use the Gold Nuclei to summon and get the Fire Composite Bow.
  5. Get the remaining Gold Nuclei to reach the 30th pull for the guaranteed SSR.
  6. If satisfied with the pull, skip to step 8; if not, proceed to step 7.
  7. Exit the game, redo the entire process from step 1 using a different email address.
  8. Bind the account.

The entire process can take between 20-40 minutes depending on the speed of your PC or device and on your traversal time to get the needed Gold Nuclei.

We recommend to read through the guide below as each step has other details that have to be taken into account to make sure you optimize your rerolling experience.

Important note: The Pre-registration rewards and other event rewards that give are time-limited, so make sure to do your rerolls as early as now while these events are active. Doing rerolls after the events will be harder as you’ll need to do more exploration to collect more nuclei.

Sign up for an account

When signing up for an account and planning to do reroll, it’s best to be aware that Tower of Fantasy does not have an account wipe option, so once an email address has been used for an account, it can no longer be reused for another account. Which is why it is recommended to have multiple email accounts based on the number of times that you plan to reroll.

Also, there is no need to pre-register these email addresses to get the pre-registration rewards; you’ll get the rewards regardless.

Play through the tutorial

The tutorial section has both cutscenes and playthrough included in them. Most of the cutscenes are skippable and the playthrough tutorial is straightforward; all in all, it can take you around 2-4 minutes to complete.

Another method is to simply close the game once you select a character to play as, and reboot the game. This method can differ depending on the speed of your device or PC, so we recommend to test out both methods and see what works faster for you.

Complete the “Ecological Station Intruders” to unlock Summoning

To be able to claim the pre-registration rewards and unlock the summoning feature, you must first complete the Ecological Station Intruders quest, which will be a part of the starting quests.

Use the Gold Nuclei to summon and get the Fire Composite Bow

At this point, you should claim the pre-registration rewards and do a 10-pull using the Gold Nuclei to start working on the 30-pull SSR guarantee and get the Fire Composite Bow. The bow will be needed to solve the world puzzles in order to get more of the missing Gold Nuclei.

Get the remaining Gold Nuclei to reach the 30th pull for the guaranteed SSR

The Gold Nuclei that you’ll get from the rewards will not be enough to reach the quota to get the guaranteed SSR pull, so you will need to do some exploration and head towards these coordinates to gather some more.

The guide will start immediately right after you regain consciousness from the tutorial section. Follow the coordinates to know where the gathering points are.

(-882, 807)
  • (-882, 807) – From the Astra Shelter, climb up to the nose part of the ship where you’ll see the supply pod.
(-824, 778)
  • (-824, 778) – At the point right before where you’ll learn how to use the Jetboard, turn a bit to the right to see the Gold Nucleus.
(-539, 695)
  • (-539, 695) – From the Astra Omnium Tower, turn south and glide from the top of the tower to reach the next Gold Nucleus.
(-656, 688)
  • (-656, 688) – Climb back up the Omnium Tower and turn to the west-southwest and glide towards the Chowchow, which you need to solve to get the next Gold Nucleus.
(-829, 472)
  • (-829, 472) – Head northwest to the Rusty Belt and climb the tower where you’ll find another pod with a nucleus inside.
  • (-836, 480) – Within the same Rusty Belt tower, there will be a floating nucleus in the middle of the dome.
(-892, 493)
  • (-892, 493) – From the tower, turn west and glide down to the Tar Pit and solve it to get the next nucleus.
(-935, 400)
  • (-935, 400) – Head north-northwest and go down the cliff to see the next Tar Pit.
(-1108, 395)
  • (-1108, 395) – Use your Jetboard and head to the west to the island next to the coast where you’ll find another Tar Pit.
(-1224, 306)
  • (-1224, 306) – This can be skipped, but if you prefer doing 10-pulls instead of doing x9 1-pulls, then get this nucleus. Head northwest to the next island and climb the building to reach the next pod.

At this point, you can continue summoning until you get the guaranteed SSR on the 30th pull. Depending on your luck, you can get around 1 to 3 SSR characters by the 30th pull. If you have pulled the characters that you like even before reaching the quota, then you can proceed to bind the account and continue playing.

If you’re not satisfied with what you got from the summoning, then you can log out from the game, and sign in with another account that uses a different email address, and then do the rerolling steps again until you get your desired pull.

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