Artificial Island and Outer Islands Scenic Points in Tower of Fantasy

Take in the sights of the newest regions.

Tower of Fantasy Artificial Island Scenic Points cover

With the new Artificial Island and Outer Islands being released in the latest Tower of Fantasy update, there are more regions that players can explore, including new scenic points that give great vantage points of the different areas. Seeing all these scenic spots are required to have a 100% completion for the new regions.

In this guide, we will show the locations of all the scenic spots in the Artificial Island and in the Outer Islands in Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy Artificial Island Scenic Points

Lakesource Falls

Coordinates: -265.0, 132.0

Unnamed Airship Plaza

Coordinates: 385.0, 85.0

Simple Pier

Coordinates: 184.0, -334.0


Coordinates: 53.0, -222.0

Tower of Fantasy Outer Islands Scenic Points

Tetriso Ruins

Coordinates: -609.0, -175.0

“The Venture”

Coordinates: -198.0, -1431.0

Abandoned Water Treatment Plant

Coordinates: 265.0, -549.0

Gazing Cliffs

Coordinates: -271.0, 810.0

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