How to Romance Sam Coe in Starfield

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Sam Coe is one of the characters in Starfield you can romance. This retired Freestar Ranger has a humble lifestyle despite the important lineage that he comes from, which makes him rather easy to approach. Here’s a guide that shows you how to romance Sam Coe in Starfield.

How to Romance Sam Coe in Starfield?

You need to complete the “Listen to Your Hart” companion quest to romance Sam Coe in Starfield, which will only become available when you’ve reached a high level of friendship with him. After finishing his companion quest, you can start a romantic relationship with Sam Coe.

Similar to Barrett, you’ll have to progress through the Starfield main story missions before you can recruit Sam Coe. Once you’ve finished The Empty Nest, Sam will be available as a companion in The Lodge. Make sure to select him as your active companion so he’ll follow you around.

Once you’re with him, you need to raise his affection by constantly performing action and selecting dialogue options that he’ll like. When your affinity with Sam Coe is high enough he’ll talk to you about something important which starts Listen to Your Hart quest. This exposes you to an important aspect regarding his life.

Starfield Sam Coe companion romance

After completing Listen to Your Hart, you can approach Sam Coe and pick the option to romance him. This will lock you into a relationship with the man who won’t appreciate you flirting with the other Starfield romance options.

Sam Coe Romance Likes & Dislikes in Starfield

Here is how Sam Coe will react to specific dialogue and actions:




Hurting innocents

Complimenting his daughter

Praising his lineage

Being charitable

Theft and Pickpocketing

Sam Coe is a humble man who, despite being the descendant of the founder for one of the most important factions in the game, doesn’t like boasting about his heritage. Don’t praise him because of it as he doesn’t appreciate the spotlight.

Being an honest and charitable person is enough to earn Sam’s affection. He’ll like it when you turn down payment for quests when you can. Sam will especially like it if you’re nice to Cora, his daughter, who is staying with him at The Lodge.

How to Marry Sam Coe in Starfield?

Talk to Sam Coe and pick the commitment option after finishing Listen to Your Hart quest. You will then take on one last quest where you’ll attend a wedding ceremony to officially tie the knot. After the wedding, you’re officially married to Sam Coe.

Marriage isn’t permanent in Starfield. You can divorce Sam Coe by telling him you’re not happy being married to him. It’s heartbreaking to see and you will lose Sam as a companion because he’ll need some time to himself even though he still considers you an ally.

Starfield Sam Coe marriage

If you do choose to keep your commitment to Sam, you’ll find a strong ally who’ll have your back against the toughest enemies in Starfield.