How to Unlock Every Class in Disgaea 7

Get all Disgaea 7 classes unlocked with the help of this guide and create a powerhouse of the best units to defeat Commodore Opener.

Disgaea 7 classes cover

Disgaea 7 continues the trend of having quite a few classes to choose from. However, most of them are locked behind certain conditions, so if you want to hire them as a unit, you’ll first have to fulfill them. If you want to make a powerful army to overthrow Commodore Opener, then you definitely need to access the most powerful classes by your side.

On this guide, I’ll show you how to unlock every class in Disgaea 7 for both monsters and humans.

How to Unlock All Monster Classes

There are 18 monster classes in Disgaea 7. Like human classes, they can be unlocked by fulfilling quests from the Quest Shop before you can hire them.

Here are the conditions to unlock every monster class in Disgaea 7:


Unlock Condition


Unlocked by default.


Slumber Cat


Winged Warrior




Complete Felynn Frisky by having any monster unit with Mastery Rank Level 5 in Attack Monster Weapons. Remember that Attack Monster Weapons are red and Intelligence Monster Weapons are blue. Orcs are perfect for accomplishing this.

Sea Angel

Complete Living Conditions by turning in any 10 healing items. You can just buy the cheapest ones from the shop.

Flora Beast

Complete Flora and the Beast by turning in 10 SP Extracts from the Juice Bar.

Zombie Maiden

Complete Leap of Faith by defeating 100 enemies. The progress will only count after you've accepted the quest.


Complete Seductive Demon by turning in any Strange Feelers weapon with at least a Rarity of Rare. There is a merchant in Episode 3's world who sells the weapon with the right Rarity via Netherworld Sightseeing.

Evil Eye

Complete Evil Eye Elite by turning in any Secret Scroll


Complete Promised Spear by turning in any spear of Legendary Rarity. The best chance to get this weapon is by going through high-level Item World drops.


Complete Treasure & Dragons by defeating any Level 100 Dragon. They're common enemies in the Item World so that's the best place to complete this quest.

Pincer Shell

Complete Pincer Shells United by turning in Premium Crab Brains. After Episode 6, complete the Pincer Shell quests from the item resale world which rewards you with the item you need.

Rifle Demon

Complete Target Practice by having any unit in your army who is at least Level 100. This can be done by grinding through the Item World or taking advantage of Demonic Intelligence auto battles.

Big Eye

Complete Eye on the Prize

How to Unlock All Human Classes

There are 27 human classes in Disgaea 7. Some are already unlocked by default but you can unlock most by completing quests you undertake at the Quests Shop. After fulfilling the requirements and turning in the quest, the unit will be unlocked for you to recruit.

Here are the conditions to unlock every human class in Disgaea 7:


Unlock Condition


Unlocked by default.




Martial Artist

Fight Mistress






Complete the On The Hunt quest by having any unit who has at least a Rank Mastery of Level 5 with Bows. You can easily grind for a high bow level with Pirilika.



Complete the Picking a Partner quest by having any unit who has at least a Rank Mastery of Level 5 with Guns. The gunpowder addict Ceefore is the best unit to grind for gun levels.



Complete the Ninja Nite quest by paying 5,000 HL after accepting the quest.


Male Samurai

Complete Loyal Blade by having a Rank 2 Warrior/Valkyrie and Rank 2 Ranger/Archer.

Female Samurai

Male Armor Knight

Complete Worthy of Guarding by turning in any Armor with a minimum DEF score of 300. You can quickly do this by purchasing an armor with high DEF and running it through the Item World until it reaches 300 DEF.

Female Armor Knight


Complete Sorcerer's Apprentice by getting hit by enemy attacks at least 100 times. This will only be counted after the quest is accepted.


Complete Maiko Green Room by turning in an Angel Cake. This rare item can only be acquired in the Item World.

Magic Knight

Complete Magical Warrior by turning in 1,000 Mana Juice from the Juice Bar. Progress will be counted even before the quest is accepted.


Complete Psychic Squadron by turning in any Gun with a minimum HIT of 300. You can easily get such a gun with Evil-Gacha pulls.


Complete Questing 101 by turning in any Eyeglasses with a minimum INT of 300. This can easily be done by taking rewards from high-level Item Worlds or using Evil-Gacha pulls.

Mecha Girl

Complete Robot Army by having Rank 4 units of Samurai, Armor Knight, and Psychic. The gender of the units doesn't matter.

Celestial Hostess

Complete Heavenly Hostess by having Rank 4 units of Sorcerer, Maiko, and Professor.

It should be noted that while there are human units under different classes you can recruit, there are different classes that are unique and relevant to the main story. You cannot recruit a Shogun, for example, because that is Yeyasu’s exclusive class once he joins you.

That’s how to unlock every class in Disgaea 7.