How to Use and Unlock Auto Battle in Disgaea 7

Disgaea 7 Auto Battle Explained: A Guide to Leveling Up Effortlessly in Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless.

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The Disgaea 7 Auto Battle is a feature designed to help players conquer the absurd level cap of the Disgaea franchise. Getting to the max level is just as time-consuming as it sounds. Because of this, you could be wondering how to use and unlock that Disgaea 7 auto battle feature in order to help make the grind more forgivable.

Read on as we break down Disgaea 7’s auto battle system and how it works.

Does Disgaea 7 Have Auto Battle?

Yes, Disgaea 7 has auto battle, though it functions differently from previous entries. Unlike before, where auto battling can be used indefinitely, auto battles in Disgaea 7 will require the use of Poltergas, which can only be used on cleared stages.

How to Unlock Auto Battle in Disgaea 7

To unlock the auto battle feature in Disgaea 7, you’ll need to first play through the main story of the game manually. Auto battle won’t be available until you reach approximately halfway through the main storyline. Make sure to clear stages manually as you progress through the story because auto-battle can only be used on stages you’ve already completed this way.

You can use auto-battle in different game modes like Dimension Mode, Carnage Mode, and Ranked Battle for online PvP. But for PvE auto-battle, you need something called Poltergas. Each turn in auto battle uses one Poltergas. The amount of Poltergas that gets consumed depends on how many turns it’ll take you to win, so stages that take longer to beat will cost more of this expendable resource. It isn’t easy to gather Poltergas so you’ll want to save them up.

To get Poltergas, you can:

  1. Play stages manually for the first time.
  2. Complete specific quests that ask you to defeat a certain number of enemies.
  3. Play online PvP battles and rank up weekly. You can hold up to 300 Poltergas at once.
Disgaea 7 Poltergas: How to Use and Unlock Auto Battle

Completing battles manually by advancing the story or conquering item worlds will reward you with Poltergas. However, these will only reward you with one Poltergas per stage cleared. If you want more, there are also quests that you take from NPCs that ask you to kill certain enemies, which also reward the resource. Another way to get Poltergas is by partaking in the online PvP content in Disgaea 7.

How to Use Auto Battle in Disgaea 7

To use Auto Battle in Disgaea 7, in the Stage Select menu, turn on Auto Battle with R1 before you start. Once a stage is loaded in, set up your characters and press Start to trigger the auto battle.

Depending on how tough the stage is, you’ll be asked to use a specific amount of Poltergas. This is a good way to level up as you keep the EXP and rewards gained after auto battles. Your only concern is Poltergas consumption.

Disgaea 7 Demonic Intelligence

You can minimize Poltergas consumption by taking part in the new Demonic Intelligence (D.I.) system for efficient auto-battling. With D.I., you can manually decide what each character should do on their turn when auto battle is turned on. You can create a template for your units that prioritizes actions depending on the circumstances. For example, you can set your primary healer to prioritize restoring the health of anyone below a certain threshold. The better your setup, the more efficient auto battle will be, and it’ll also affect how much Poltergas it uses.

The online PVP content in Disgaea 7 also allows for the use of auto battle. You can even do this without consuming Poltergas, unlike in the regular stages. It should be noted that auto-battle does not work in the item worlds, so you’ll have to manually clear them.

Optimizing Weapon and Armor Proficiency in Disgaea 7 Auto Battle

If you’re looking to maximize weapon and armor proficiency in auto battle mode in Disgaea 7, there’s a more straightforward approach. Utilizing the Calm Aura and Forced Counter evilities is key. You can have a character attack and then end their turn, and the game’s AI will handle the rest. It’s a relatively easy setup. Keep in mind that Poltergas consumption works per turn, not per battle, so if you have high counters, you may use up Poltergas quickly. Nevertheless, this Calm Aura and Forced Counter method, combined with maxing weapon or armor proficiency through the cheat shop and the right evilities, can efficiently help you achieve your goals in Disgaea 7 faster.

You can also achieve this manually by using innocents to create super-strong defensive armor while keeping attack stats low. You can optimize range and counters through item upgrades, essentially ending turns and relying on counters for proficiency gains without taking or dealing damage.

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