Disgaea 7 Characters and Voice Actors

Meet the zany cast behind the madness! This guide will list each of the Disgaea 7 characters and the voice actors behind them.

Disgaea 7 characters and voice actors featured

Disgaea is a beloved franchise for its introduction of over-the-top characters who are outright parodies of typical anime tropes. Their voice actors have to be good because some of the lines can be ridiculous and hammy. With Disgaea 7 being the latest entry, you might be wondering who the main characters are and who’s voicing them.

Read on as we break down each of the Disgaea 7 characters and their voice actors.

Disgaea 7 Characters and Voice Actors

Here’s the new cast starring in Disgaea 7:

  • Alejandro Saab as Fuji
  • Hiyori Nitta as Pirilika
  • Riona Imaizumi as Ao
  • Rina Kitakawa as Ceefore
  • Takuma Terashima as Yeyasu
  • Yui Kondo as Higan Zesshousai
  • Maki Kawase as Suisen
  • Kenyū Horiuchi as Demmodore Opener and Pii-Chan


Fuji Disgaea 7 Characters

The main protagonist of Disgaea 7 is a demon with an acute aversion to anything resembling empathy. Fuji will vomit out blood at any display of kindness, mercy, charity, and love. Despite being a swordsman, Fuji doesn’t follow the Bushido code, as he’s willing to use any dirty trick in the book to win, which makes him an oddity in the Hinomoto Netherworld cluster.

Fuji is voiced by Alejandro Saab, who has a bit of a history of being cast as characters with purple hair. Saab has previously voiced Yuri from Fire Emblem: Three Houses and is set to voice Akihiko Sanada in the upcoming Persona 3 Reload.


Pirilika Disgaea 7 Characters

A klutzy Hinomoto otaku who accompanies Fuji’s belief in everyone’s goodness, no matter how evil, makes her similar to Flonne. Despite being a spoiled rich girl from the Netherworld of Wahei, her passion for Hinomoto Netherworlds can border on obsession.


Ao Disgaea 7 Characters

An enigmatic wild child who often disappears for chapters on end after making the occasional appearance. Ao has an obsession with Fuji, whom she calls her dad. Don’t mistake her petite appearance for weakness, as she’ll pummel anyone to a pulp.


Ceefore Disgaea 7 Characters

Appropriate for her namesake, Ceefore loves explosions despite supposedly being a sneaky thief. This pyromaniac’s obsession with explosive weapons actually affects her physical health, as going too long without smelling gunpowder makes her ill.


Yeyasu Disgaea 7 Characters

Despite his high status, Yeyasu is nothing more than a puppet shogun for Opener. He’d rather spend time being a narcissistic flirt who lives a hedonistic lifestyle. Make no mistake, Yeyasu may be a coward, but his possession of the Tokugawa Tenge demonic staff makes him a good ally to have.

Higan Zesshousai

Higan Zesshosai Disgaea 7 Characters

Despite being the best swordmaster in all of Hinomoto, Higan Zesshousai would rather wield the spear. If nothing else than to give everyone around her a better shot to beat in a fight. Higan was the one who taught Fuji how to fight, and he considers her to be the nastiest demon to ever wield a sword.


Suisen Disgaea 7 Characters

Suisen is a powerful living weapon who can predict the future with data collected by his cybernetic enhancements. Despite his boyish looks, Suisen is a prominent member of the shogunate.

Demmodore Opener

Demmodore Opener Disgaea 7 Characters

The main antagonist of Disgaea 7 who killed the greatest warrior of Hinomoto and conquered the Hinomoto Netherworld Cluster. Demmodore Opener seeks to warp the traditional views of Bushido using one of the Seven Founding Weapons, Demonic Fist.


Pii-chan Disgaea 7 Characters

Despite being Pirilika’s personal secretary, Pii-chan can be rather standoffish, even to the point of abandoning her when she’s in need. However this prinny has kept their job because of how proficient they are at managing Pirilika’s business whether the task be legal or otherwise.