Disgaea 7: How to Capture and Recruit Enemies

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to capture and recruit enemies in Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless

Disgaea 7 How to Recruit Enemies

In Disgaea 7 capturing and recruiting enemies is a key gameplay mechanic that allows you to bolster your party with a wide variety of characters. It’s a tough and risky task but it is a fun way to get free units without having to pay for them.

If you see an enemy unit you want for yourself in the middle of fighting, there’s actually a way you can capture them for yourself. In this guide, I’ll teach you how to capture and recruit enemies in Disgaea 7 so stick around and kidnap almost any enemy unit you want.

How to Capture Enemy Units in Disgaea 7

Capturing an enemy in Disgaea 7 is a relatively straightforward process:

Step 1: Unlock the Capture Mechanic

  • Progress through the game’s storyline until you unlock the capture feature. This is usually a predetermined point in the game or after completing specific objectives.

Step 2: Prepare for Capture

  • Before attempting to capture an enemy, make sure your characters are adequately leveled and equipped for battle. Ensure that you have a Capture Squad assembled in your base.

Step 3: Weaken the Enemy

  • Engage in battle with the enemy you wish to capture.
  • Reduce the enemy’s HP to a low level, ideally leaving them with just a fraction of their health. This is a crucial step for successful capture.

Step 4: Initiate Capture

  • Select a character from your party to capture the weakened enemy. Use the capture command or skill on the target.
  • Throw the weakened enemy into your base panel. The base panel is the tile you use to summon your party members in every battle, and it’s where the capture process unfolds.

Step 5: Battle in the Base Panel

  • Once the enemy is in the base panel, they will engage in combat with the units you have in reserve there.
  • Two possible outcomes can occur:
    • Recruitment: If your reserve units defeat the enemy in the base panel, the enemy will be recruited to your party.
    • Defeat: If the enemy manages to defeat all your reserve units in the base panel, they will emerge from it, and your reserve units will be wiped out.

If the enemy is stronger than all of your reserves combined, it will wipe them out and break free from your base panel. If this happens, you’ve failed to recruit them. Not only that, but your reserves are also down for the count, so don’t expect to summon them to the battle while it’s going on.

Keep in mind that recruiting enemies through this method depends on whether you can normally recruit their class. If not, attempting to capture them will result in failure. It’s essential not only to have unlocked the enemy’s class but also its rank. Unless you can scout a unit with the same class and rank combination, capturing will automatically fail.

There are limits to which enemy you can recruit. You generally can’t recruit enemies that are stronger than you, but you also cannot recruit enemies whose class you haven’t unlocked yet and whose rank you haven’t reached yet. Basically, unless you can recruit the same version of an enemy type, you can’t capture them even if your reserve units are stronger. You can’t capture unique enemies and story-related bosses because of this.

By following the steps above and considering the class, rank, and your Capture Squad, you can efficiently capture and recruit enemies in Disgaea 7, expanding your party and enhancing your strategic options in battles.

You can increase your chances by having strong units in the base panel added to the Capture Squad. As you level up the Capture Squad, you’ll get certain benefits such as 20% stat boost when attempting to capture an enemy you’ve thrown to your base. This provides a better chance of recruiting enemy units at little investment since the Capture Squad doesn’t need to be leveled up as much.

Capturing enemy units by throwing them to your base has always been a thing in previous Disgaea entries. And now, you can do the same for enemy units you want for your army in Disgaea 7. Now that you know how to recruit enemies, your army will be even stronger.

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