How to Unlock Gotham Knights Multiplayer Mode? (Answered)

How to Unlock Multiplayer in Gotham Knights (Answered)

One of the major attractions of Gotham Knights is its cooperative multiplayer mode, in which players establish teams to take on the city’s criminal bosses and other villains. However, While you and a friend may be ready to roam the streets of Gotham together, you may have noticed that Multiplayer Mode is unavailable. This begs the question, how to unlock the Gotham Knights multiplayer mode? As such, here’s what you need to know.

How to Unlock Gotham Knights Multiplayer Mode?

You can unlock Gotham Knights Multiplayer by progressing further into the main story. More specifically, players should complete objectives in Case File 1.3 – Weird Science.

After infiltrating GCPD headquarters, you’ll be sent back to Belfry and Prepare for another Patrol.

There are three subtasks that must be completed in preparation for patrol:

  • Craft a Melee Weapon Using a Workbench
  • Complete Interrogation Training
  • Read The Newspaper on the Workbench
How to Unlock Gotham Knights Multiplayer Mode 5

Successfully completing all 3 objectives will unlock the Social and Multiplayer Tab in the Menu. This means that you can now play Multiplayer with your Buddy or other players. You can either quick match with other players in the Multiplayer Tab, or invite/join friends manually in the Social Tab.

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