How to Unlock Night Fishing in Dave the Diver

Learn how to unlock night fishing in Dave the Diver using this guide and discover more ingredients for your sushi restaurant.

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In Dave the Diver, night fishing is a way to gather more ingredients even though it isn’t daytime. The game will restrict you to only fishing during the day since nighttime is meant for running your sushi restaurant. There is a way to unlock night fishing in Dave the Diver, and it doesn’t require you to do much.

Read on as we show you how to unlock night fishing in Dave the Diver and what benefits you get from doing a night dive when the sun is out.

Dave the Diver Night Fishing: How to do a Night Dive?

You will automatically unlock night fishing when you reach Chapter 2 in Dave the Diver. One of the main story quests asks you to dive into the ocean at night in order to find ingredients that will only appear at that time.

During the “Sea People’s Language Translator” you’ll get the “A Noisy Customer” quest from Dave’s friend, Bancho, who really wants a Moral Eel Curry. To give Bancho what he wants, you’ll have to go the extra mile, which is night fishing in Dave the Diver.

Night fishing, or night diving, if you will, grants you access to fish that are only found when the sun is out. Sea creatures like the Moral Eel and Box Jellyfish only come out at night. When you’ve completed A Noisy Customer, you now have the option of night diving every night moving forward.

Dave the Diver Night Fishing: How to do a Night Dive

There are a good number of fish that you can catch at night that you can’t catch during the day. However, fish are usually more aggressive at night. You’ll have to be prepared for a fight for each catch you make. When night diving, always carry a flashlight and UV light, which scare off the Tubeworms.

Diving at night will also take one-third of the evening. After which, you’ll be going back to managing your sushi restaurant. Since it’ll take some time away that you’re supposed to use for managing your restaurant, night diving isn’t something you’re going to want to do every night.