Immortals of Aveum Offers Optional Side Quests for Players to Discover

Explore every nook and cranny to find secrets.

Ascendant Studios recently revealed its newest title, a single-player first-person magic shooter called Immortals of Aveum, and its release date. New details were shared by the studio today including what kind of optional content players can try out in this game.

Executive Producer Kevin Boyle spoke to Wccftech to discuss interesting new game details. He was asked to share some tidbits about what to expect on the side content. He compared it to Metroidvania style where there are some areas to explore, small sections to uncover, and secrets to find.

immortals of aveum

Speaking of Metroidvania, Boyle also revealed that this optional content has some areas that players cannot explore yet without the proper abilities. When they move forward with the story and gain new abilities, they can go back into these areas and unlock them to find the secret rewards. He did clarify that for players who just want to follow the story and not mind the side content, there will not be any required abilities to learn first. They can barrel through that with ease.

Boyle also revealed that these sidequests have puzzles and challenges to solve. Some of them are not that elaborate, but others need some thinking to clear. It will clearly keep players engaged.

Immortals of  Aveum launches on July 20, 2023 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.