Is Demonologist Cross Platform and Crossplay?

Will there be Cross Platform and Crossplay in Demonologist?

Modern multiplayer games like Demonologist should be cross platform and crossplay, allowing players to play together unimpeded. Since your task in the game is to investigate and identify the ghost, it’s always better if you work together with a team. Read on to find out whether Demonologist will have cross platform and crossplay support.

Is Demonologist Cross Platform and Crossplay?

Demonologist is neither cross platform nor crossplay as it is only available on PC. However, the game does run well on the Steam Deck, so you’ll be able to pair up with players on the portable.

While many don’t really consider the Steam Deck its own console, it can be considered a different platform. However, it’s usually considered a handheld gaming PC. Due to not being Steam Deck verified, it was questionable if you could play with players who are on the Steam Deck.

Demonologist is not currently available on consoles, not even the current-gen ones like the PS5. Considering Clock Wizard Games’ history, it’s unlikely that we’ll see the game released for consoles any time soon either.

Demonologist Cross Platform and Crossplay

Others are able to run the game on their Steam Decks without any problems. So there shouldn’t be an issue between playing with the two cross platform. You can go ahead and give it a try if you have a friend who’s on Steam Deck.

We’ll have to wait if Clock Wizard Games ever decides to release Demonologist on consoles. For now, we’ll have to be content playing the game on PC and Steam Deck.

That’s all we have for cross platform on Demonologist. We hope this guide was informative. For more features, news, and guides, feel free to check out our other Demonologist articles.

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