Is Propnight Coming to the PS4 or PS5?

Is Propnight Coming to the PS4 or PS5

Console players can sometimes have it a bit worse than PC gamers. With some particularly noteworthy games seemingly only coming out for the PC, you may be asking “is Propnight coming to the PS4 or PS5?” Let’s take a look at what developer, Fntastic, is doing.

Is Propnight Coming to the PS4 or PS5?

Sadly Propnight doesn’t seem to be coming to the PS4 or PS5 any time soon. Even with Fntastic announcing their intentions to release The Day Before to consoles, Propnight seems to be exclusive to the PC platform.

However this could all still change with Propnight possibly making an announcement to be heading over to the consoles this coming months.

Will Propnight Ever Come to the PS4 or PS5?

Is Propnight Coming to the PS4 or PS5

Not all hope is lost however. When The Day Before was released prior to Propnight, it didn’t have any announcements for a console release. And yet here we are, soon expecting The Day Before on the PS5 and Xbox Series S|X.

Though it may seem that Propnight will only be coming to the latest generation of consoles. This may be due to the hardware limitation or Fntastic not being interested in releasing Propnight for the PS4 and Xbox One generation. Either way, it seems we can keep our hopes up.

What is Propnight?

Is Propnight Coming to the PS4 or PS5

Propnight is a 4v1 survival game in the style of Dead by Daylight with its own twist. Players take the role of either the four survivors or the killer hunting them down.

Survivors can use their abilities to hide as a prop within the environment. They have to complete several tasks all the while avoiding being caught and killed by the killer.

The killer’s role is far more simpler. As the killer, a player hunts and patrols the area looking for any “props” that decide to suddenly make a run for it. Memorizing what objects belong in a room could be paramount for a successful killer.

Propnight released in November 30, 2021. And for now, the game is only available on PC. You can purchase the game on Steam now.

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