Be a prop or a killer in the recently released PROPNIGHT game

Be the prop or the prop'ed.

propnight mytona fntastic

Publisher FNTASTIC and developer MYTONA just announced today the release of their multiplayer physics-based prop hunt game titled Propnight.

Prop hunt mode was first popularized by Team Fortress 2’s modders where players from the other team are tasked to find and kill players who are disguised as props — they’re probably a table, a chair, a barrel, who knows.

MYTONA’s take on prop hunt is quite unique, Propnight is heavily inspired by games such as Dead by Daylight‘s 4v1 survival horror with a mix of Team Fortress 2’s prop hunt mode.

Propnight is based in a small provincial town where teenagers continue to mysteriously disappear.

You can turn into any prop to hide from the killer…

Or you can be the killer itself…

The choice is yours…

Propnight is now available on PC via Steam.

Editor’s Note: If you’re looking for our review, we’re in the works of securing a code for us to give you what we think.

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