Players Who Get Bored of It Takes Two Will Be Given $1,000 Dares Josef Fares

Game Director Josef Fares has recently announced a very bold dare to the world recently related to his upcoming video game It Takes Two.

Fares recently shared a rather interesting bet during an interview with media outlet Game Informer. He claims that gamers would not get bored with their upcoming cooperative video game and if they were, they would be given a rather handsome reward.

“That’s another thing that I can guarantee you with It Takes Two: It’s impossible, and quote me on this, to get tired of this game. You can put this as the headline. I can literally give 1,000 bucks to anyone who says, ‘Oh, I’m tired of this game now because it doesn’t surprise me.’ One thousand bucks! I guarantee. I’ll give it to everyone who gets tired. But they have to be honest about it.”

Fares means it. He would really give out $1,000 to those who would think their game is boring and he means anyone. So it is either a newcomer or a hardened game reviewer that can get his money. Quite bold, but there are rather a few reviewers out there who can pick out a lot of issues and problems even if it the game is near perfect.

It Takes Two will launch on March 26 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PS5.

Source: Game Informer