Kena: Bridge of Spirits – Easy Master Spirit Guide Trophy

The Master Spirit Guide trophy is the hardest trophy that Kena: Bridge of Spirits can offer you. It offers relentless combat where courage is lost upon taking damage. Even more so that you cannot lower the difficulty once you have selected it. This makes it fairly challenging to get the trophy associated with it. If you’re a completionist aiming for platinum who’s not afraid to get a bit dirty, there is an exploit you can take advantage of.

Master Spirit Guide Trophy

The only way you can get the Master Spirit Guide Trophy is to complete a playthrough of Kena: Bridge of Spirits on the highest difficulty possible. It is a requirement for platinum and can no doubt be a challenge.

kena master spirit guide trophy

Master Spirit Guide Trophy Exploit

There is a shortcut into getting this trophy that you can take advantage of. However, this requires that you at least finish the game once on any of the easier difficulties. Once you’ve done so, you can follow these steps to earn an easy trophy.

  1. Go to the Mountain Shrine Meditation Spot and make a manual save.
  2. Once you interact with the Meditation Spot, you’ll be shown the final cutscene and credits. Feel free to skip it.
  3. When you’re back in the Main Menu, start a new game and select Master Spirit Guide difficulty.
  4. Play on this difficulty at least until the first Rot you’ll meet in the game.
  5. Once you’ve completed all the preceding steps, you can now load that manual save you made in the Mountain Shrine Meditation Spot. Please be sure not to load your autosave from the new game.
  6. You’ll find yourself back on the Mountain Shrine once more. Interact with the Meditation Spot and claim your Master Spirit Guide trophy.

Take note, that this may not work the first time. Keep on repeating the steps until you get the trophy. You might also want to hurry as it’s possible that they’ll patch this in the coming future.

If you’re having difficulty finding all the Meditation Spots, we have a guide that shows you all of their location.