Kingdom Hearts 4 Reportedly to be Developed in Unreal Engine 5

It will be several levels higher than the one shown on the trailer!

According to a recent report, upcoming video game sequel Kingdom Hearts 4 is going to use Unreal Engine 5 for development instead of the usual game engine Square Enix uses.

Japanese media outlet Famitsu has recently reported that the full game will be made with Unreal Engine 5. While the trailer was just rendered in Unreal Engine 4, Famitsu claims the main game will be developed with the next upgraded version with the quality of lighting and detail in higher levels. Expect the upcoming gameplay clips and trailers to blow the minds of fans.

There have been claims that the upcoming sequel is being developed by the Osaka studio of Square Enix, which were the ones who made Kingdom Hearts 3. This studio was led by Co-Director Yasushi Yasue.

During the 20th Anniversary event, it is claimed that KH Series Director Tetsuya Nomura had plans to make a real game that was based on Verum Rex. For those uninformed, this was a video game that was only in KH3’s Toy Box world. He wanted to make it real, but he actually made it into something else, which created Kingdom Hearts 4 instead.

You see, Quadratum was set in that fictional video game Verum Rex. Now, it is the world where Kingdom Hearts 4 will be set in.

Lost Master Arc will become the start of something new for Kingdom Hearts. According to Square Enix, it will be beginning of an epic ne storyline.

Kingdom Hearts 4 just got announced. No official details or release windows have been released.