Lethal Company Hazard Levels Explained

Discover Lethal Company's Hazard Levels and Monster Danger Levels in this guide. Stay informed and survive every moon.

Lethal Company Hazard Levels featured

In a game where a lot of things can kill you, Lethal Company doesn’t do a good job explaining what Hazard Levels are supposed to be. Each of the moons has its own designated hazard level, which you can immediately see upon landing, but the game doesn’t really explain to you what this means, so you may step onto a very dangerous planet completely unaware.

In this guide, I’ll explain what the Lethal Company Hazard Levels mean and what you can expect. I’ll also teach you about the danger levels of every monster, which are closely tied to the Hazard Levels for each moon.

What are Hazard Levels in Lethal Company?

Lethal Company’s Hazard Levels indicate the chances of encountering dangerous monsters and how frequently they spawn in the area. The more dangerous, the higher the rank. You can expect to find deadlier monsters on A and S-class moons than in D and C.

The higher the hazard level, the better the rewards you’ll get for the scrap you collect. The risk of losing everything is higher, but you may be tempted to risk it to reach the quota. Just make sure you’re aware of what each hazard level has in store for you.

Each Hazard Level in Lethal Company Explained

Below are all the Hazard Levels in Lethal Company, arranged from easiest to hardest:

Hazard Level: Safe

Safe is a hazard level only available in the Company Building. It’s the place you go to to sell scraps you’ve collected from dangerous moons. There aren’t any enemies in sight, but you can still die if you’re careless.

Yes, even the Company Building has dangers that can kill you, despite being designated safe. Ring the bell enough times, and a huge tentacle will come out of the hole to drag your body to death. This is Jeb, the junk-eating monster you sell the scrap you collect to. Annoy it, and it will wind up eating you instead.

Hazard Level: D

Hazard Level D is the lowest difficult for Lethal Company and can be found on Assurance. There aren’t as many dangerous monsters you can find outside your ship, making it a safe place for beginners who don’t know much about the game. If you’re looking for a fast way to catch up on the quota, then you can find bee hives to steal here, which are worth 100 credits.

Hazard Level: C

Hazard Level C is a bit more difficult than the previous moon and can be found on Vow. You’ll have higher chances of encountering more dangerous monsters, but it isn’t that much of a difficulty spike compared to D.

Hazard Level: B

Hazard Level B is when things start to become really dangerous. This hazard level can be encountered on several moons: Experimentation, Offense, and March. It’s sort of the Normal difficulty for Lethal Company. You’ll encounter traps like Sentry Turrets placed more frequently and even more dangerous monsters to deal with.

Hazard Level: A

Hazard Level A is only present in the Rend Moon and is extremely dangerous. You’ll even have fewer chances of survival with monsters like the Coil-Head having more chances of spawning. If you aren’t familiar with the Lethal Company Bestiary, then you’re ill advised to try this out.

Hazard Level: S

Hazard Level S is only available on Dine and won’t hold anything back. You’ll need some heavy investment in good equipment and players you can work well with in a team.

Hazard Level: S+

Hazard Level S+ is only available on Titan and is the hardest difficulty of the game. Even a fully prepared team of players could die in a matter of seconds. It’s almost the same difficulty as in Dine, except monsters spawn more frequently.

Lethal Company Monster Danger Levels

Danger Levels given are assigned to each monster in Lethal Company and is closely tied to the Hazard Level. The higher the Danger Level, the higher the odds they’ll spawn on more dangerous moons.


  • Manticoil (0%)
  • Roaming Locusts (0%)

Low Danger

  • Hoarding Bug (20%)
  • Hygrodere (0%)
  • Spore Lizard (-5%)

Medium Danger

  • Baboon Hawk (75%)
  • Bunker Spider (20%)
  • Circuit Bee (90%)
  • Earth Leviathan (2%)
  • Snare Flea (30%)

High Danger

  • Bracken (80%)
  • Coil-Head (80%)
  • Eyeless Dog (70%)
  • Forest Keeper (50%)
  • Ghost Girl (no data)
  • Jeb (no data)
  • Jester (90%)
  • Thumper (90%)

It’s important to note that just because a monster’s Danger Level is 0% doesn’t mean they can’t hurt you. The Roaming Locusts are harmless but the Hydrogere will kill you despite both of them being at 0% Danger Level.

That explains every hazard level in Lethal Company and the dangers it could bring to your crew. For more guides and walkthroughs, feel free to check out our main page for Lethal Company here.