Life is Strange True Colors – Duckie and Diane Order

Duckie and Diane Order

Life is Strange True Colors presents you with a number of choices where you may feel pressured to choose the right one. Your time as a waitress in Chapter One, can be one of them. You’ll have to guess what Duckie and Diane want to order.

Life is Strange True Colors – Duckie and Diane Order

In Chapter One of True Colors, one of your objectives will be to check up on Duckie and Diane. You’re working as a waitress so they’ll expect you to know the “usual” even if it’s your first day.

Alex will be presented with a variety of options so it can be easy to be wrong here if you haven’t paid attention. Unfortunately, Alex won’t write the orders down so you may have to memorize them for her.

Duckie and Diane Order

Duckie’s Order

Duckie will order Cheeseburger with Mushrooms. For his drink, he’ll want his “usual” but you only have to memorize the specific cheeseburger that he wants.

Diane’s Order

Diane will want her Pie Special with Fries. That’s about it. She doesn’t seem to want anything else with that.

Speak to Jed

Once you go back and talk to Jed, he’ll ask what their orders are. Jed will first ask you what Duckie’s order is and you have to pick from the correct dialogue choices.

  • Cheeseburger with Mushrooms
  • Burger with Mushrooms
  • Cheeseburger without Mushrooms

The correct answer of course is Cheeseburger with Mushrooms. Don’t worry about his “usual” drink. Jed will catch on to that automatically.

Jed will then ask you what Diane wants. Like Duckie’s, you’ll have to pick the correct dialogue option.

  • Pie Special with Mushrooms
  • Pie Special with Fries
  • Pie Special with Onion Rings
  • I forget

The correct answer for Diane’s order is Pie Special with Fries.


Is There Any Consequence For Getting the Order Wrong?

You might get worried that you have to nail Duckie and Diane’s orders right. But as far as I can tell, there’s no lasting impact for getting their orders wrong. If you want to save Alex from being embarrassed on her first day as a server, then you may want to get their orders right.

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