Like a Dragon Gaiden: A Quest For Ono Michio – Where to Get Ono Michio Figure

Take on the request with Kiryu in Like a Dragon Gaiden to find the elusive Ono Michio figure in Sotenbori.

Like a Dragon Gaiden A Quest for Ono Michio

Ono Michio is a popular figure in Like a Dragon Gaiden who Kiryu is quite acquainted with from his previous adventures. However, he’s found that Ono Michio has become popular enough to reach Sotenbori from all places. Kiryu meets a young man who is asking him for an Ono Michio figure, but it’s a lot harder to find one than it seems.

How to start ‘A Quest for Ono Michio’ Request

In Sotenbori, talk to the Enthusiast Young Man standing outside of RevengeBooks store that’s directly south of the Iwao Bridge. He’s a big fan of Ono Michio and asks you to find him a specific figure. This will start the ‘A Quest for Ono Michio’ request.

Like a Dragon Gaiden'A Quest for Ono Michio' Request Giver

Completing this request will give you 600 Akame Points and 15,000 yen. Let’s go over where you can get the Ono Michio figure next.

Where to get the Ono Michio Figure

You can get the Ono Michio figure via one of the UFO catcher machines in the arcades of Sotenbori. You’ll have to interact with the machine, which has hexagonal boxes that contain figures inside that you can’t see. The Ono Michio figure is inside purple and blue boxes.

Like a Dragon Gaiden Ono Michio Figure claw machine

Only the purple and blue hexagonal boxes have the Ono Michio figure. The red one will give you a bootleg version of it, and it won’t clear the quest for the Ono Michio request.

However, there’s a chance that the purple or blue hexagonal boxes that contain the Ono Michio figure aren’t inside the UFO catcher machine. If this happens, you can ask the SEGA arcade staff to reset the UFO catcher machine prizes. This will reset the prizes available on the UFO catcher machine and their positions as well.

Once you’ve gotten the correct Ono Michio figure, go back to the young man standing outside of the book store and hand it to him. This will complete the A Quest for Ono Michio’ request.

That covers every bit of detail about where you can get the Ono Michio Figure and complete the ‘A Quest For Ono Michio’ Request. If you’re looking for more tutorials and walkthroughs, feel free to check them out on our Like a Dragon Gaiden main page.