Like a Dragon Gaiden: Find the Cute Cafe Request Guide

One of the Akame Network Requests in Like a Dragon Gaiden requires players to find the Cute Cafe. Here's where players can find it and complete the request.

Like a Dragon Gaiden Find Cute Cafe

Some requests in Like a Dragon Gaiden are simple but obscure, like finding a Cute Cafe and taking a photo. While it sounds simple enough, the game doesn’t really pinpoint exactly where it is, and there are a number of cafes in Sotenbori that fit the description of what the Puzzle-Solving Girl is asking for. It’s only supposed to be on the south, but the cute cafe location is cleverly hidden.

Cute Cafe Location

The cute cafe can be found just in front of Akame’s hideout, located south of Sotenbori. Pull out your phone’s camera to take a picture of the three white tables, surrounded by three chairs each. You should see a prompt (X for PlayStation|A for Xbox) on top of one of the tables.

From the STJIL bar where you got the request, you can take the nearest cab to S. Shofukucho. This will take you to the closest location to where the cute cafe is, which is just around the corner. Just pull out your camera once you’re in front of Akame’s hideout and point it at the cafe.

It’s important that you follow the prompt to take a picture. Simply taking a photo of the cute cafe won’t count unless you follow the prompt. Once you’ve taken a photo, you can go back to the Puzzle-Solving Girl at the SITJL bar. Hand it over to her, and the ‘Find the Cute Cafe’ request is complete.

Like a Dragon Gaiden Cute Cafe Location

And that’s really it. It’s surprising that this is the final request from the Puzzle-Solving Girl, but it can be hard to spot since it isn’t located on the map at all. It turns out the reason she asked Kiryu to do this was to ask him out on a date, which Kiryu accepts.

Completing the Find the Cute Cafe request rewards you with 20,000 yen and 700 Akame Points.

That covers every bit of detail about where you can find the Cute Cafe and complete the Akame Network Request. If you’re looking for additional tutorials and walkthroughs, feel free to check them out on our Like a Dragon Gaiden main page.