Like a Dragon Gaiden: Photograph the Boat Guy Akame Request Guide

Learn how to photograph the elusive boat guy in Like a Dragon Gaiden and prove his existence effortlessly.

Like a Dragon Gaiden Photograph the Boat Guy featured

Like a Dragon Gaiden has no shortage of oddballs, like the boat guy you’re asked to photograph. Apparently, one guy is convinced he’s just a hallucination and wants proof that he exists, so he asks you to take a photo of the guy. It’s harder than it sounds since the boat guy is more elusive than he seems to be, but don’t fret. This guide will teach you how to photograph the boat guy in Like a Dragon Gaiden, so read on.

How to Photograph the Boat Guy

All you have to do to photograph the boat guy is stand near the Sotenbori River with your phone’s camera ready. When he passes by on the front of his boat, you’ll be able to take a photo by pressing the prompt on the screen (X on PlayStation or A on Xbox).

The Sotenbori River can be found between the Bishamon Bridge to the west and the Iwao Bridge to the east. There’s a footpath underneath the bridges themselves that you can travel through on the north and south sides of the river. You can stand there and wait for the boat to pass by with your camera ready.

Like a Dragon Gaiden Boat Guy Picture

It doesn’t matter where you’re standing next to the river, so long as you’re close enough. You can even take a photo of the boat guy while standing on either of the bridges. The boat guy will eventually pass by, giving you the opportunity to photograph him. Make sure to aim at the guy standing in front of the deck.

Even though you can take a photo with the camera at any time, you need to press the prompt when it appears in order for it to count. The photo you took of the boat guy without the prompt will not be counted. So you can’t use it to complete this request.

You may have to do some waiting until the boat guy appears for you to photograph. He occasionally does make an appearance like he did when I was busy retrieving a hat for another citizen, so I couldn’t take a photo until the next time.

That covers every bit of detail about how to photograph the boat guy and complete the Akame request. If you’re looking for more tutorials and walkthroughs, feel free to check them out on our main page for Like a Dragon Gaiden.