Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Hidden One’s Hiding Locations Guide

Learn where to find the exact hiding spot in each of The Hidden One's Request in Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name

Like a Dragon Gaiden Hidden One requests featured

A boy challenges Kiryu to a hide-and-seek game in Like a Dragon Gaiden where you must find the hidden one in various locations. Don’t write this youngster off just yet; he’s great at finding hiding spots where no one would think to look. This request is part of Akame’s Network and has multiple parts.

In this guide, I’ll show where to find the Hidden One every time in Like a Dragon Gaiden.

The hide-and-seek boy will hide three times, all located within obscure spots of Sotenbori. Here’s where you can find him each time, in order:

“The Hidden One’s Challenge” Hiding Location

You can find the Hidden One behind a telephone booth at the southwestern edge of the Sotenbori map. It’s next to the parking lot where Kiryu was first surrounded by thugs, met Akame, and showed them the red tiger. The phonebooth itself is transparent, so you’ll notice a kid hiding behind it if you look closely.

  • Completing the Hidden One’s Challenge rewards you with 700 Akame Points.

“The Hidden One’s Revenge” Hiding Location

You can find The Hidden One at E. Sotenbori St., located at the very northeast of the map. He’s hiding in the hall behind the Kukuru food stall. This one should be rather easy to spot, as there isn’t anything blocking him from your sight when viewed from the street.

  • Completing the Hidden One’s Revenge rewards you with 700 Akame Points.

“The Hidden One’s Last Stand” Hiding Location

Probably the best hiding place the boy chooses for hide-and-seek, primarily because this time he ducks behind an object. The Hidden One can be found northeast, near Ashitaba Park. He’s hiding behind a trashcan inside a building that’s in between two blue vending machines next to a clothes shop.

  • Completing the Hidden One’s Last Stand rewards you with 700 Akame Points.

That covers every hiding location of The Hidden One’s challenges. If you’re looking for additional tutorials and walkthroughs, feel free to check them out on our Like a Dragon Gaiden main page.