Like a Dragon Gaiden Trophy Guide & How to Get Platinum

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Kazuma Kiryu is no more. After faking his death in order to protect his family, the man formerly known as Kazuma Kiryu goes deep underground to watch over them from the shadows. But a mysterious figure starts a conflict with the hope of pulling him back into the light. “Joryu” must now unravel this mystery or everything he’s sacrificed was in vain.

In this Like a Dragon Gaiden The Man Who Erased His Name trophy guide, I’ll tell you what you need to know to get the Platinum trophy for the game Kazuma Kiryu definitely didn’t star in.

There are 62 trophies to collect in total in Like a Dragon Gaiden:

  • 1 Platinum trophy
  • 1 Gold trophy
  • 4 Silver trophies
  • 56 Bronze trophies

Like a Dragon Gaiden Trophy List

Platinum trophy

  • The Dragon of Dojima: Obtained all trophies

Gold trophy

  • The Man Who Erased His Name: Completed the Final Chapter

Silver trophies

  • Legendary Dragon: Obtained 50 abilities through Upgrade Abilities
  • Prizefighter: Reached 30,000 fans
  • Fourth King Dethroned: Defeated the fourth of the Four Kings
  • The World’s Strongest: Defeated Amon

Bronze trophies

  • Hidden Dragon: Completed Chapter 1
  • Castle on the Water: Completed Chapter 2
  • The Man Who Knew Too Much: Complete Chapter 3
  • The Laughing Man: Completed Chapter 4
  • Fledgling Dragon: Obtained 10 abilities through Upgrade Abilities
  • Respectable Dragon: Obtained 20 abilities through Upgrade Abilities
  • Like a Bee: Activated the Hornet gadget during battle 100 times
  • Like a Snake: Activated the Serpent gadget during battle 50 times
  • Like a Spider: Activated the Spider gadget during battle 50 times
  • Like a Firefly: Detonated the Firefly gadget during battle 50 times
  • Always Prepared: Obtained 10 types of equipment items
  • Extremely Heated: Used Extreme Heat 30 times
  • Untouchable: Used Ultimate Counter 5 times
  • Silver Tier: Earned a Silver rank at the Castle
  • Gold Tier: Earned a Gold rank at the Castle
  • Platinum Tier: Earned a Platinum rank at the Castle
  • Taking Requests: Complteted 5 requests for Akame
  • At Your Service: Completed 10 requests for Akame
  • Go-To Guy: Complete 15 requests for Akame
  • Neighborhood Watch: Completed 10 Stroll n’ Patrol missions
  • Neighborhood Defender: Completed 30 Stroll n’ Patrol missions
  • Neighborhood Hero: Completed 50 Strol n’ Patrol missions
  • Drinkin’ and Linkin’: Bonded completely with Akame
  • Rookie Fighter: Reached 1,000 fans
  • Up-and-Coming Fighter: Reached 3,000 fans
  • Favored Fighter: Reached 10,000 fans
  • Hell’s Keeper: Complete all matches with a Silver rank
  • Hell’s Patrons: Completed all matches with a Gold rank
  • Hell’s Champion: Completed all matches with a Platinum rank
  • Welcome to the Family: Recruited 10 members to the Joryu Clan
  • Strength in Numbers: Recruited 20 members to the Joryu Clan
  • They Can’t Stop Us All: Recruited 30 members to the Joryu Clan
  • To Train in Life: Bonded completely with a Joryu Clan member
  • To Train in Death: Bonded completely with 5 Joryu Clan members
  • First King Dethroned: Defeated the first of the Four Kings
  • Second King Dethroned: Defeated the second of the Four Kings
  • Third King Dethroned: Defeated the third of the Four Kings
  • Fashion Scrub: Obtained 15 types of outfit items
  • Fashionista: Obtained 30 types of outfit items
  • Trendsetter: Obtained 50 types of outfit items
  • The Man Who Had Too Many Hobbies: Played 10 minigames
  • Heavenly VIP: Completed all hostess missions at Club Heavenly
  • Castle VIP: Complete all hostess missions at Castle Cabaret
  • Retro Gamer: Played 5 different games on the SEGA Master System
  • Arcade Dweller: Played 6 different games at the arcade
  • Pocket Circuit Pro: Unlocked the Masters Circuit in Pocket Circuit
  • Left in the Dust: Won 3 Rival Matches in Pocket Circuit
  • Bullseye: Won a game of darts
  • Royal Gambler: Played at the casino and gambling hall in the Castle
  • Rising Superstar: Went to karaoke with Akame and sang a duet
  • Surgical Precision: Completed a 1-Shot Challenge on normal difficulty
  • Locked Up: Obtained 30 items from coin lockers
  • Whip-Splash: Threw an enemy into the river with the Spider gadget
  • Gotta Catch Some Balls!: Obtained some Balls

Getting the Platinum trophy in Like a Dragon Gaiden is relatively easy. It just involves a lot of fistfights, side activities, and the odd karaoke session with friends. In its entirety, you can expect to reach Platinum around the 25 to 30 hour mark if you’ve been diligent the entire time.

Contrary to the direction the Yazuka games are going lately, Gaiden goes back to its roots for a beat ’em up experience made famous by “deceased” Yakuza man Kazuma Kiryu. Interestingly enough, the main story campaign is shorter than past entries. Only clocking at around 10 hours or so. But I guess it has more to do with the fact that it is a prologue to Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth.

A decent fraction of your playtime will be taken up with side content mini-games such as darts, mini-golf, pocket circuit, two hostess clubs missions, crane machines, and SEGA arcade games. And let’s also not forget the mandatory karaoke singing. (Though it’s more on singing a duet with Akane.)

Pocket circuit missions haven’t been seen since Yakuza 0 and Yakuza Kiwami. This should bring a lot of delight to long-time veterans of the series, such as myself. Now, if we get customization on the level of the drones from the Judgment series, then we’ll be ok. I’m hoping that the systems go deeper than that.

You also have access to the Castle, a decommissioned cargo ship turned adult amusement park for the rich and powerful. Within the vast hull of the ship, you can partake in various card games such as poker and the fight tournament. The first set requires you to obtain a certain ranking in each fight. The Hell’s Champion trophy is what you should aspire for. That will knock out a bunch of trophies in the process.

The Favored Fighter Bronze trophy is rewarded for gaining 10,000 fans during your fights. If you perform really well in regular matches and against the Kings of the Arena, there’s no reason why you won’t impress more than 10,000 fight fans.

Dethroning all 4 Kings of the Arena will reward you with a trophy for each one. It will also allow you the chance to take on Amon and earn the World’s Strongest Silver trophy.

There are several trophies that require you to recruit and befriend NPCs for your Joryu Clan. This ragtag team is meant to aid you in Hell Team Rumble fights where Kiryu and friends take part in messy brawls. Whether it’s through scouts or friends owing you favors from substories, all members of your clan fall into roles such as Tank, DPS, or Support, which can be issued commands during the course of the fight.

The rest of your time will be taken up by the Akame Network. These seemingly short tasks can be found across Sotenbori starting from Chapter 2. Collectively, the tasks will make up a large chunk of your remaining game time. From my estimates, completing all the Akame Network requests can take upwards of 10 or so hours.

From the trophy list alone, there is a minimum of 50 Stroll n’ Patrol missions that are part of the Akame Network. Completing them all will unlock the Neighborhood Hero Bronze trophy as well as the other trophies under it.

Obtaining abilities in any Yakuza game is done through combat and taking part in mini-games. To unlock the Legendary Dragon Silver trophy, you’ll need to get 50 abilities through Upgrade Abilities. Don’t worry if that number seems a little high. As always, most are an incremental increase to your current set of abilities.

Gatget and other equipment items give you a fighting chance against large numbers of enemies. You get trophies for using all 4 of your gadgets during battle a set number of times. You also get the Always Prepared Bronze trophy for obtaining 10 unique equipment items. Do keep in mind that you need to add them to your inventory for it to actually count. It’s quite different from the Trendsetter trophy where you need to obtain 50 outfit items. At least your winnings are going towards something that’s not just your next meal.

To get the Extremely Heated Bronze trophy, you’ll need to use Extreme Heat more than 30 times over multiple fights. To activate this Ultimate ability, you’ll need to fill up the Heat gauge by being in combat. Once full, you’ll be able to unleash all Hell on your enemies. If you are in Yakuza fighting style, your attacks will hurt a lot more and you’ll be able to do finishers on more powerful enemies. If you’re in Agent, the attack potential of your gadgets will significantly increase.

And that’s everything I’ve got for this Like a Dragon Gaiden The Man Who Erased His Name trophy guide. At the end of it all, this entry only serves to explain why Kiryu got involved in Like a Dragon. Despite the fact that this might be one of the last times we’ll ever see the classic beat ’em up formula, I’m kind of glad that get to see more of Kiryu before his inevitable final appearance in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth. Enjoy this game while you can. The ride is coming to an end soon.