Lost Ark Server Maintenance Status and Downtime

When will Lost Ark servers be back up? March 31, 2022 update and server maintenance status.

Is Lost Ark server down right now?

Lost Ark servers are currently under maintenance according to the official Server Status page of Lost Ark, as of March 31, 2022 at 12:00AM PT / 7:00AM UTC / 9:00AM CET Lost Ark servers are down for weekly maintenance downtime.

There is also a report of server crashes earlier, and Lost Ark will have an emergency downtime from 7:30AM PT / 4:30PM CET for approximately 60 minutes.

Lost Ark Server Maintenance Status

To check on the status of Lost Ark’s Server maintenance, players should go to the official Server Status page of Lost Ark where they will find a live feed of important information regarding the status of game’s Server Maintenance and Downtime.

Given that Lost Ark is developed by Smilegate and published Amazon Game Studios, Amazon Games has a large number of servers scattered around the world, it should come as no surprise that there is a wealth of information to be found on Lost Ark servers.

As of this writing all Lost Ark servers status under NA, Europe Central and West, including South America are already under maintenance status.

Lost Ark Server Status

If you need detailed information on server maintenance and downtime, go to the Lost Ark website or the Lost Ark Forums. Online games, such as MMOs, typically have weekly maintenance windows during which the game is taken offline so that the team can push out patches, fixes, and other updates to improve the play experience.

When Will Lost Ark Servers Be Back Up?

Lost Ark’s anticipated downtime for the March 31, 2022 weekly maintenance is expected to last 5 hours. Bug fixes, work on addressing matchmaking issues, or balance adjustments to some Tier 1 and Tier 2 content will all be included in this update.

Lost Ark servers should be up by March 31, 2022 at 08:00am PT / 03:00pm UTC. This article will be updated as soon as servers are back up.

Update on Lost Ark server maintenance (March 31, 2022) as of 07:34AM PST:

Regarding Lost Ark Downtime and Future Updates

Maintenance and downtimes for Lost Ark have been pretty regular since the game’s launch, while they have occasionally occurred at inconvenient times for players in the affected regions. Devs acknowledged that this is unsatisfactory for players, and while this is not a permanent situation, Devs are trying to provide some insight into their approach for upcoming downtimes in the foreseeable future.

For the time being, they are focused on getting issues resolved as rapidly as possible while still operating within the launch window timeline. This means that, for the foreseeable future, maintenance may continue to be performed more frequently than usual, and on occasion at times that are not always suitable for players. However, despite the fact that it can be irritating, each of these downtimes is a necessary part in the process of delivering long-term improvements to the game.

Looking ahead, Devs intend to guarantee that game maintenance is performed at a predictable and suitable interval, so that server maintenance do not interfere with peak gaming hours. This will entail determining downtimes based on regional locations, as well as ensuring that as much work as possible can be completed in a single weekly update, among other things.

Lost Ark Europe Central Server Queues Issues

One of the biggest and concurrent issues plaguing Lost Ark are the lengthy server queues for players in the Europe Central Server.

Unfortunately, Amazon Games is unable to raise the number of people that can be accommodated on each server in the Europe Central region. This is due to the intricacy of the game systems and the way they interact with one another, it is not viable to add more servers. The current focus will be on increasing game health and stability in Europe Central in order to ensure that the players in that region have the greatest possible in-game experience possible.

The solution given to players is moving to another server. However, a lot of players who are considering to relocate to Europe West are concerned about losing out on their previously claimed Twitch Drops and acquired items.

Amazon has offered that anyone who has claimed these items on the Europe Central server before March 8 at 8 a.m. UTC / 9 a.m. CET will receive a second set of the items they previously redeemed, which includes the Arkesia Paper Hats Chest, Helgaia Pet Chest, Neugier Gold Mount, and Saphia Pet Chest, when they log into the new region following the latest server maintenance for Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Nerf and Balance Updates

The March 2022 Lost Ark Server maintenance was primarily intended for the Lost Ark Nerf and Balance Updates. Read about the specifics of the modifications and improvements of the Lost Ark Nerf Patch Notes Reveals Adjustments to Difficulty of End Game Content here.

Here’s the explanation why Devs made the adjustments to the balance of some of the Tier 1 and 2 Guardian Raids as well as the Abyssal Dungeons:

It’s been less than a month since the hordes of heroes arrived on the western shores of Arkesia. Many players are still uncovering and learning the advanced systems during their adventures, from finding the perfect placement of their skill points in the Tripod System to customizing their playstyle with Engravings, Skill Runes, and Gems. It’s been exciting and humbling for us to see players at different stages in their journey as they quest to level 50 before encountering the diverse Tier 1 and 2 content— progressing step-by-step and exploring all that Arkesia has to offer.

Because Tier 3 had not yet been made available in other locations, gamers were forced to spend a significant amount of time in Tiers 1 and 2. The length of time spent in these phases of the game provided players with ample opportunity to study the patterns and mechanics of each Guardian or Demon they encountered, resulting in a small number of creatures that proved to be difficult obstacles for them to overcome in the end.

Lost Ark has progressed and added more content throughout time, which has resulted in a reduction in the time and progression required for Tier 1 and 2. Lost Ark was released in the western world with Tier 1, 2, and 3 content at the time of its release.

It is intended to serve as a prelude to the massive amount of end-game Tier 3 material that Smilegate RPG has created since their first debut. Devs hope that Tiers 1 and 2 will serve as a guide for players as they learn about the many systems that make up Lost Ark. They also hope that they will motivate players to explore the huge realm of Arkesia and learn about the intricate dynamics that play out in battle.

Because of the differences in intent between Tier 1 and Tier 2 in their respective zones, several excessively challenging Guardians and Abyssal Dungeon encounters were left in their wake. It is not merely a matter of adjusting the difficulty level as a whole with this balance update. Most specifically, efforts are being directed at improving some of the more challenging patterns in order to better prepare players as they go through each Tier and make their way into Tier 3 endgame content.

While on their adventure, Devs want players to develop into more tough and complicated content as they progress through the levels. A variety of tough future Tier 3 content has yet to be incorporated into the western release – keep an eye out for a roadmap piece, which will outline what you may expect in the next months.

These prospective encounters will act as obstacles for players to overcome as they strive to improve their skills, master systems, and grasp difficult mechanics. Even Argos, who will arrive in Arkesia later this month, will be a tough opponent who will put the so-called heroes who have infested the land to the test.

Lost Ark March 31, 2022 Update Hotfix

  • Fixed an issue where players were starting at Bronze Rank instead of Silver Rank (1500 MMR) in the Competitive Proving Grounds. Players that have already kicked off their Competitive Proving Grounds season will see a positive adjustment made to their MMR. This bump of 250 will close the gap for players who started their season at 1250 MMR instead of the updated 1500 MMR. Players who are just beginning their season will automatically start at 1500.
  • Fixed an issue where the OT timer was not appearing during PvP matches.
  • Fixed an issue where chat text could be unsuitably altered or displayed outside of the chat box.
  • Improved the [Weekly] Battle Item Bundle so that players can now select their preferred battle item chests instead of receiving a random grant.