Mafia Game Twitter Account Suddenly Shares One Word Post After Long Time

Mafia II gang

The official social media account of the Mafia Game just got lit up after it shared a certain word to the public.

Mafia Game social media account post means something

In the recent Twitter post on its official account, it uttered one word: Family. This could mean that something big is coming soon and it will be announced by 2K Games in a few days. This could mean many things, really. It could mean that a remaster of popular titles are coming like for example Mafia 2 Remastered or Mafia 3 with even better and improved visuals. Or it could also mean that there is a next title coming and the publisher is revving up the hype train until everyone is on board.

Some even suggested that this could be a hint of the Fast and the Furious game getting better developers with a Vin Diesel GIF to add to it. This is highly unlikely but a welcome thought.

In the meantime, the gaming community will remain in vigil, watching for movement from 2K Games and the developer Hanger 13.