Next Mafia Game Rumored to Have Familiar Location and Two Protagonists

A new rumor has recently surfaced suggesting that the next Mafia game of the popular series will be set in a very familiar location with more details.

Mafia Definitive Edition

According to a leak posted on Reddit, the next game will be the fourth title of the series or a spin-off. The leaker then revealed that the location will be set in Saint Fortuna, which is in Las Vegas and also in Lost Haven. Everyone should be familiar of the latter since it is the setting for the original Mafia game. The timeline for this game will be from different periods.

The poster then shared that there will be two protagonists in this upcoming game. The main protagonist is a dirty cop named Hain who will be “involved in a gambling scam early on.” The story will be branching and it will depend on what the players choose: join the mob or crack it down as a proper cop.

The secondary protagonist is the most intriguing one, which is a judge based in Lost Haven. His missions will consist of trials of mobsters and his career spans from 1940s to 80s.

The poster’s credibility for this leak is that he has a close relative working at the ESRB for Canada that reviews text scripts from games. This is where he got his information.

Take this with a grain of salt for now since Hangar13 or Take Two have not dropped clues on a sequel or a spin-off Mafia game.

Source: Reddit