Mandalorian Wireless Xbox Controller Announced and It is Not Cheap

Game company Microsoft recently announced the new Mandalorian Wireless Xbox Controller and Xbox Pro Charging Stand Set.

With the popular series The Mandalorian coming around, Microsoft seemed to ride that popularity wave with their own accessory for the Xbox One. This new Xbox One controller is also an official product of Star Wars: The Mandalorian and is compatible with the Xbox Series X/S, Xbox one, Windows 10, Android, and iOS.

Here is its product description:

A bounty hunter’s perfect set

Armor-clad in a Mandalorian pattern reminiscent of beskar steel, this Xbox Wireless Controller and Xbox Pro Charging Stand are a triumph of ergonomic design. Enjoy textured grips, custom button mapping, and up to twice the wireless range.* A magnetic contact system allows for one-handed play while you charge. Walk the Way of the Mandalore with technology forged together for a matchless fit.

The controller is themed with the Mandalorian’s new armor complete with battle scars and the symbols. It is the perfect controller for the Star Wars fan. The price though is a bit expensive: $159.99. The release date is on December 31. Check it out here.