Marvel’s Avengers Leaked Skins Supposedly Exclusive for Verizon, Intel and Virgin Media

According to a recent leak from Reddit, there are going to be exclusive Marvel’s Avengers skins for customers of Verizon, Intel, and Virgin Media.

This leak came from Reddit user smoove4254 who gave very convincing images of the said exclusive skins. The first is a combination of the red and white colors with header tags that said Verizon in the US and Virgin Media in the UK. They both have the same color scheme.

The second image is a set of skins from the classic side. Thor wears the old-school helmet and Iron Man wears the old school iron armor. The user stated that this could be an upcoming collaboration with tech company Intel.

These exclusive skins can be considered acceptable since these are just cosmetic changes. The previous controversy with exclusivity of Marvel character Spider-Man on the other hand has angered the gaming community. It is understandable since other platforms may not be able to try the character. The only option for them to get to play him is to buy the game on the PlayStation side, which is truly unfair for the others.

Marvel’s Avengers is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on Sept. 4. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions will be available when the next-gen consoles get released.

Source: Reddit

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