Virgin Media to Offer Customers Marvel’s Avengers Beta Access This Weekend

Marvel's Avengers

British telecommunications company officially confirmed the collaboration with upcoming video game Marvel’s Avengers with an offer for their customer.

After the recently leaked exclusive skins, Virgin Media has now confirmed they will offer their customers beta access to the game this coming weekend even if they have not pre-ordered.

This weekend, PlayStation 4 owners will be able to check out the beta test while PC and Xbox one owners will have to get pre-orders to try it out.

Interesting note here is that Virgin Media has also confirmed the exclusive skins, but they added a new detail. They revealed that these costumes will be timed-exclusive only, which meant it cannot be used by anyone else at launch day. This also meant that it might be available later on for free or with a price.

These are the costume names:

  • Hulk: Ascendancy Outfit
  • Black Widow: Lucent Shadow Outfit
  • Captain America: Burning Might Outfit
  • Iron Man: Jet Stream Armor Outfit
  • Ms. Marvel: Event Horizon Outfit
  • Thor: Light Breaker Outfit

Marvel’s Avengers will be available on Sept. 4 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It will also launch on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 when it gets released this coming holiday season.

Thanks Eurogamer!