Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Ending and Post Credits Explained

This guide talks about the ending of Marvel's Spider-Man 2, its post-credits scenes, and what to expect in a possible sequel.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Ending cover

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 follows the story of both Peter Parker and Miles Morales as they team up to save their neighborhood once again from the many different threats that it faces. The story explores Peter’s life being split by his responsibilities as a husband and as a hero, as well as Miles’ journey to becoming a grown-up and independent man. It also introduces new, but familiar, enemies like Kraven the Hunter and Venom, plus its conclusion teases a continuation of the story with possible new allies to help fight against new threats.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s story synopsis

Marvel’s Spider-Man’s overarching plot revolves around the symbiote that was found from a meteorite crash site some years prior to the story. As teased in the post credits scene of the previous game, Norman Osborn was secretly working on curing his terminally ill son, Harry Osborn. Due to his desperation to find a cure, Norman put Harry into several experimental cures, including what was only teased back then as the alien symbiote.

Fast forward to the present day of this sequel, Norman woke up Harry with the belief that the symbiote cure worked after seeing that his son’s condition has greatly improved. However, this was proven wrong throughout the course of the game, as what was supposed to be just a symbiote suit slowly corrupted Harry’s mind.

During an encounter against Kraven, Peter took a fatal stab from the hunter which eventually killed him. Harry, who was subconsciously controlled by the symbiote, approached Peter which caused the symbiote to take on Peter as its new host and reviving him in the process. However, this also caused Peter to slowly lose his mind to the symbiote, and since Harry needs the symbiote to survive, they had to go through great lengths to get the symbiote back to its original host.

When Harry finally got the symbiote back, things did not go back to normal. Now that the symbiote had a taste of Peter’s power, and it’s also revealed that a part of it still remained inside Peter’s body, it set out to get Peter back as its host. The symbiote now chose to fully corrupt Harry and turn him into Venom, and corrupt everyone that it can, including MJ as it turned her into Scream; all of these in order to overpower Peter and assimilate everything on Earth.

Thanks to Miles, and from an unexpected help from Martin Li a.k.a. Mr. Negative, they managed to get into the root of whatever symbiote remained in Peter and negated its powers. This allowed Peter to still use the symbiote without its connected influence to the symbiote hivemind, and gain the power of Anti-Venom.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s Ending

During the final act of the story, Venom has slowly gained more power with the help of the meteor shard in its possession, turning almost everyone in New York into symbiote monsters that are part of the hivemind. With the help of Miles and MJ, Peter managed to recover the meteor shard and subdue Venom. However, they can only put the symbiote down so long before it regains its strength unless the host is killed.

With the last of his strength, Harry managed to reach out to Peter, telling him that it’s okay to kill him to save everyone. Peter used his Anti-Venom power to negate the symbiote’s hold on Harry and ultimately destroy the symbiote. The city is saved and Harry dies in the process, but Miles managed to revive him with the use of his bio-electric venom power.

Harry’s condition was stabilized, however it placed him into a deep coma. This frustrated Norman and he put the blame on to the Spider-Men for putting his son back into his terminally ill condition. He then gets to his phone and orders someone to prepare what he calls the “G-SERUM”.

The story ends with Peter and MJ back in their home. Peter reveals that he managed to set back up the Emily-May Foundation inside their garage. He also finally gets the courage to tell Miles that he wants to retire being Spider-Man to start a family with MJ, and that he believes that Miles is now strong and mature enough to be on his own.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s Post Credits Scene

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has two post credits scenes. In the first scene, Norman Osborn is seen inside the RAFT as a visitor. He stops at Otto Octavius’ cell and asks for his help in dealing with the Spider-Men. Otto also reveals that he’s working on a plan that he just dubs as “the final chapter”.

In the second scene, Hailey is shown visiting Miles and Rio in their apartment for what appears to be a family dinner. The two teenagers then head inside Miles’ room and talk about what Miles is up to in the mean time. They then share a kiss which is interrupted by a knock on the front door. Rio opens the door and reveals their visitors, Albert Moon and his daughter, Cindy.

The Future of Marvel’s Spider-Man game franchise

It’s clear from the ending scene and both of these post credits scenes that we’re going to see another Spider-Man sequel within the next few years. Just like the first game in the franchise, we’re teased with who may be the new big villain to face, and a new possible ally to help save the neighborhood on a sequel or DLC.

First, Norman’s utterance of the “G-SERUM” highly suggests that we could be finally seeing Green Goblin’s debut in this universe. We can only speculate for now that the G-SERUM is akin to the Oz or the Goblin Serum created by OsCorp that transformed Norman into the Green Goblin. It’s not yet clear whether Norman is planning to take the G-SERUM himself, or use it as one of the experimental cures for Harry’s sake. If it is the latter, we’re going to see another iteration of Green Goblin Harry, or perhaps even a Hobgoblin Harry.

As for Norman’s visit to the RAFT, we can only assume that he’s planning for Otto’s release so that he could use his help in creating his tech such as the Goblin Glider and the Pumpkin Bombs. It is also too early to speculate right now, but Otto’s “the final chapter” may also be teasing another return of the Sinister Six.

On to Miles’ post credits scene, another huge tease is worth a discussion, which is their dinner quests, specifically Cindy Moon. For the uninitiated, Cindy Moon is known as Silk in the Spider-Man comics who has had a few team-ups with Peter Parker and Miles Morales. Originally, she was also bit by the same radioactive spider that bit Peter Parker, but her origin story might be changed in the possible sequel.

Seeing Cindy, or at least the back of her head for now, opens the possibility of seeing a separate game like Spider-Man: Miles Morales which explores how she gains her powers and turns into Silk. Though there could also be a possibility that Cindy becomes the next playable ally character, much like how Miles was to Peter in this game, we suspect that it won’t be the case as it would go against Miles’ independence arc that he just got at the end of the game. Or perhaps, this could give Miles the opportunity to become a mentor to Cindy instead – who knows?

Finally, it’s also worth pointing out what Albert Moon’s role will be in Miles’ life. As Rio mentioned early on in the story, she has been dating someone that she’s eager to introduce to Miles, and this person turns out to be Albert. So there is a possibility that we could see Miles and Cindy becoming step-siblings if both their parents end up together.