Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE Chapters List

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Like other works from Spike Chunsoft, Master Detective Archives: Rain Code has its own chapters list. As part of the World Detective Organization, you’re tasked to solve a mystery per chapter. You could be curious as to the chapters list in Master Detective Archives.

Read on as we show you how many chapters there are, the Master Detective Archives: Rain Code chapters list, the side quest you can find in the chapters, and how long it’ll take to beat.

How Chapters in Master Detective Archives: Rain Code?

Master Detective Archives: Rain Code has 6 chapters in total. This doesn’t include the prologue and epilogue of the game which are much shorter than the official numbered chapters.

If you’ve played Danganronpa before, six chapters should sound about right for a Spike Chunsoft game. It may sound like a small number but some of these chapters can take up to 8 hours to complete. That’s longer than some modern games being sold nowadays.

Master Detective Archives: Rain Code Chapters List

Here’s the chapter list in order:

  • Chapter 0: Massacre on the Amaterasu Express
  • Prologue: WDO vs Amaterasu Corporation
  • Chapter 1: The Nail Man Killings
  • Chapter 2: A Silent Curtain Call
  • Chapter 3: No Longer a Detective
  • Chapter 4: The Imperfect Insider
  • Chapter 5: And Then I was Gone
  • Epilogue: Rain Code

The chapter list structure of Master Detective Archives is a bit strange. For starters, the Prologue comes after Chapter 0 and not before. In other games, Chapter 0 and Prologue would usually mean the same thing but not in this game. Unlike the Prologue, Chapter 0 is a full chapter just like the other numbered chapters.

Each of the Master Detective Archives chapters is replayable. After beating the game, you’ll unlock Chapter Select which can be accessed from the Main Menu. This will allow you to tackle the chapters again and complete any side quests you may have missed.

How Many Side Quests Are in Master Detective Archives: Rain Code?

There are 16 side quests that can be found from Chapters 1 to 5. Here are the side quests in Master Detective Archives and their locations:

Side Quest


Detective Work?

Sun & Moon Hotel

Paired with the Devil

Montclair Street

Snatch the Snatcher

Kamasaki District

Spirited Away

Ginma District

Kanai Ward's Underbelly


A Gift for the Girl

Kanai Station

Lending the Church a Hand


Saving the Servant

Kamasaki District

A Teacher's Distress

Aetheria Academy

Rumors of Red Rain

Marunomon District

Young Hearts Want to Break Free


Troubles of the Heart

Ginma District

Her Name is Fubuki, the Legendary Waitress!

Golden Path Cafe

Lending the Chuch a Hand Again


Lost in the Rain

Clock Tower

The Fortune Teller Sees All

Marunomon District

You can start taking side quests from the start of Chapter 1, right after the Prologue. This is when the game really starts to open up and you can explore various locations.

How Long to Beat Master Detective Archives: Rain Code?

Master Detective Archives: Rain Code can take about 35 hours to beat on average. As you complete both the main story and take part in side quests, it should take about that time.

If you’re seeking to 100% everything Master Detective Archives: Rain Code has to offer, it could take you up to 45 hours. The game does have collectible Memory Shards in each chapter which you can miss. Thankfully after beating the game once, you’re told which chapters have Memory Shards to collect with Gumshoe Gab.