Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE Master Detectives Revealed

Who Are The Master Detectives Joining in Rain Code

Master Detectives - Rain Code - feature

Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE is the newest game developed by Spike Chunsoft for the Nintendo Switch. With the recent trailers and gameplay revealed, players are wanting to know more info about the game. Recently, the developers of the game revealed new info about the master detectives that will appear and more.

Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE Characters: Master Detectives

The Master Detectives are detectives belonging to the World Detective Organization and they have a specialized power called Forensic Forte that aids in their investigative activities. Not only that, they are experts in criminal investigations and are capable of obtaining information and evidence that can’t be seen by ordinary people.

Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE - Master Detectives - Pucci Lavmin

Pucci Lavmin

  • VA: EN: Lindsay Sheppard/ JP: Yui Horie
  • Despite her child-like appearance, she is very composed and has an unrivaled speed of processing her surroundings. She sometimes shows awkward reactions and intense displays of emotion during a conversation. Her ability called Audial Aptitude can detect whispers, footsteps, and even heartbeats that are far away to hear from.
Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE - Master Detectives - Fubuki Clockford

Fubuki Clockford

  • VA: EN: Xanthe Huynh/ JP: Saori Onishi
  • Even though she was brought about by a noble and rich family, she is a bit naive and has a peculiar way of thinking which sometimes frustrates and confuses whom she talks to. Her ability called Time Leap can rewind time for a short time. But after the time has been turned back once, it cannot be turned back beyond that point, however.
Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE - Master Detectives - Melami Goldmine

Melami Goldmine

  • VA: EN: Lauren Landa/ JP: Yukari Tamura
  • She is flamboyant in her appearance but she has a keen intellect that players would. Even though she loves wearing fashionable clothes, she is loved by any person whose body type would suit her liking. Her skill, Spiritism can summon the soul of a deceased person by wearing the clothes the deceased wore before their untimely demise.
Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE - Master Detectives - Yakou Furio

Yakou Furio

  • VA: EN: Kaiji Tang/ JP: Takehito Koyasu
  • As the head of the agency in Kanai Ward and not a Master detective, he is a certified detective recognized by the  World Detective Organization, which suggests he is an excellent detective. He is at times an aloof and elusive man and is somewhat weak-kneed, and his agency’s policy is to stay quiet and refrain from any overt behavior that might lead to conflict with the Amaterasu Corporation Peacekeepers.

Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE is set to be released on June 30, 2023 for the Nintendo Switch. For more Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE, please check out our other related articles on our main website.

Check out also the official trailer of the game on the Nintendo official Youtube channel