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The Metal Hellsinger voice actor for the narrator might sound familiar to you. If you’ve been playing iconic DC games, then he may just sound familiar to you. This article will tell you about who voices your Skull companion who acts as the narrator of Metal Hellsinger.

Who Voices The Narrator in Metal Hellsinger?

The voice actor for the narrator in Metal Hellsinger is Troy Baker. He voices Paz, a talking skull, who guides you through the fiercest levels of Hell in the game while making the occasional commentary. Considering the heavy metal nature of Metal Hellsinger, a talking skull companion voiced by Troy Baker sounds like the most epic thing ever.

Since The Unknown, your player character, has no voice actor, Paz is responsible for providing most of the game’s commentary. Paz is always at your side and is essentially your only companion in the game. Since he’s just a talking skull, he can’t actually help you in combat. Although he always has something to say.

Due to how loud the heavy metal can be in Metal: Hellsinger, you might have to fiddle with the audio settings. You might not be hearing much of Paz’s dialogue considering the sick guitar rifts happening in the background would sometimes drown him out. And you’re probably going to be preoccupied with keeping the beat to read the subtitles.

Metal Hellsinger Voice Actor Narrator

Troy Baker is known for many particular roles in other games. His most iconic role as Joel Miller from The Last of Us has been hailed as one of the best performances of all time. Troy also voiced both the Joker and Batman in separate DC titles. He has quite an extensive portfolio of voice acting talent.

Metal: Hellsinger is only about 5-6 hours long so the addition of a companion voiced by Troy Baker is a very welcome addition. The voice he provides for Paz is a strong Southern accent similar to Joel but is more deeper.

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