Minecraft Ice Age DLC Now Available

Ice Age has come to Minecraft in DLC form!

minecraft ice age dlc

Mojang Studios has recently announced the launch of Minecraft Ice Age DLC.

Minecraft Ice Age DLC

Ice Age has come to Minecraft and it is now available for purchase in the Minecraft Marketplace. It is inspired by the 20th Century Studio’s Ice Age movies and crafted by 4j Studios. Enjoy the frost-covered world of Ice Age together with tons of new characters a vast, explorable map that will be coming to Overworld.

New Skins and Creatures

The Ice Age DLC offers various skins including characters from the movies like Manny, Sid, Diego, and more. Overworld also has various creature from the movies as well like saber-tooth tigers, prehistoric pigs, vultures, and a dark shadow that is luring beneath the blue waters.

Sights to Explore

There are several interesting sights that fans can see in this Ice Age DLC. This includes the skeleton bridge, lava falls, ice cavern, mammoth tree, the new Adventures of Buck Wild, and more. Players will also have to investigate all of these locations because they will be given an important collecting mission. Acorns seem to have some secret as well, but Mojang Studios did not elaborate.

Get Free Item for a Limited Time

In order to play the Ice Age DLC, players are required to have the latest version of Minecraft Bedrock game. Get a free item as well, which is limited only on May 31 – July 31, 2022.

Minecraft is now available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.