Minecraft Legends Split Screen Couch Co-op Explained

Can you play couch co-op in Minecraft Legends?

Split screen couch co-op is a bit of an antiquated multiplayer game practice in the modern gaming industry, but Minecraft Legends might still have it. This strategic action game from Mojang features multiplayer co-op and PvP, where you can team up with friends to take on various challenges and recruit powerful mobs. It’s always much better to think strategically when there are two heads as opposed to one.

So does Minecraft Legends have split screen couch co-op? Or will we have to resort to online connectivity to play with each other?

Does Minecraft Legends have Split Screen Couch Co-op?

Minecraft Legends does not have split screen couch co-op play. While there is unrestricted crossplay between the platforms it’s available on, you’ll have to connect online to play with and against friends.

According to the Minecraft Legends developers, the reason for the lack of split screen couch co-op is due to the general elements of the HUD and its general visibility, which would make it impossible to play if such a feature were included. You’ll need as much view as you can get to decide strategically, which is why they decided not to include any split screen elements in this game.

You can play local co-op, which is the closest thing you get, but you’ll need two separate copies of the game. Not to mention that split screen is unavailable regardless if you’re playing locally. You’ll need to play using your own individual screens.

Minecraft Legends Split Screen Couch Co-op

Unlike vanilla Minecraft, which did have split screen couch co-op for up to four players, Minecraft Legends will only have you on a single screen. While the developers don’t really describe it as a real time strategy game, it’s close enough that you’ll need exclusive use of your screen if you want to make the most of your situation.

Minecraft Legends does offer co-op and PvP multiplayer so you’ll still be able to play with your friends but you need a copy of the game. Thankfully it is crossplay so you don’t need to worry about what platform you buy the game for. You just have to decide which Minecraft Legends edition you want to purchase.

This answers if Minecraft Legends is split screen couch co-op. We hope this article was informative.