Destiny 2 Season of the Deep Aspects Adds a New Twist to Strand

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A couple of weeks before the launch of Season 21, Bungie released details on the newest Strand Aspects in their latest TWAB on March 04th, 2023. Players have known for a long time now Bungie’s intentions on adding more depth to the Strand subclass. This follows the recent announcement of adjustments to Strand starting in Destiny 2 Season of the Deep.

Destiny 2 Season of the Deep Aspects Details

There are three new Strand Aspects that are going to be introduced in Destiny 2 Season of the Deep. From what we know so far, players will be able to acquire these Aspects as part of a new pursuit after visiting the Pouka Pond in Neomuna’s Hall of Heroes. We know yet if it’s part of a new quest or if we need Strand meditations to get them. We will probably know sometime before the season launches.

Let’s see what these new aspects are all about.

Destiny 2 Lightfall Best Hunter Strand Build featured

Hunter Aspect: Threaded Specter

Activate your class ability to leave behind a decoy woven from Strand matter that draws the attention of nearby combatants.

After taking significant damage or when combatants approach, the decoy detonates, dealing damage and releasing Threadlings that seek out and attack nearby foes.

We did not see this one coming. Most Hunters have spent the entirety of Season 20 diving and suspending targets left and right while throwing out the occasional dart knife. Little did we know that in Destiny 2 Season 21, we’re going to get Destiny 2’s equivalent to Spy’s Dead Ringer from Team Fortress 2.

Granted, we can use this ability freely without taking damage first. And the decoy does draw enemies away from your teammates. This is great news for endgame PvP where the only use we’ve had for Strand Hunter is to Suspend Unstoppable Champions and be the most obnoxious version of a certain webslinger.

There is no way this can remotely work in PvP. Unless it is capable of massive explosive damage to anyone who blindly runs corners. As if a shotgun lesson hasn’t drilled that fact into us already.

Destiny 2 Lightfall Best Titan Strand Build featured

Titan Aspect: Flechette Storm

While sliding, activate your charged melee ability to leap into the air, knocking nearby targets and dealing damage. While airborne, activate your charged melee again to launch a cluster of damaging, Unraveling projectiles. Repeatedly activating melee will chain additional throws.

Seismic Strike, Hammer Strike, and Shield Bash with a follow-up attack of unraveling projectiles. Oh, joy. Well, if Hunters have Tespest Strike and Warlocks Blink 2 Electric boogaloo, it’s bout time for Titans to get a follow-up attack after sliding.

Kidding aside, it’s not all good news as there’s a cost to using charged-melee abilities starting in Season 21. We will miss the mobility the sudden movement boost Arc Titan provides to the table. You’re as powerful as ever, Titans. Though a little restraint may be needed going forward.

Destiny 2 Lightfall Best Warlock Strand Build featured

Warlock Aspect: The Wanderer

Tangles you throw attach to enemies and detonate into a suspending burst. Threadling final blows create a Tangle.

From the TWAB, “Since the Warlock Broodweaver is a Strand minion master, it felt natural to explore additional ways the Broodweaver might weave life into the world around them. Enter The Wanderer – a sentient Tangle woven from Broodweaver brilliance.”

So Strand Warlock now has the ability to give Tangles wings. That’s how we see this new Aspect. We don’t know how different it is from a regular thrown Tangle. We assume that this new Wanderer won’t just smash into the nearest wall.

On the bright side, Warlocks can equip Grapple instead of Shackle Grenades. That counts for something. What we’d like to see is if Wanderers can perch on a Warlock’s shoulder. That would be quite a nice sight, actually.

So that’s everything we have so far on the new Strand Aspects that are coming in Season 21. We will have guides on these once we get our hands on them. So watch out for that. Anyways, enjoy the rest of the Guardian Games. (Go… Team Titan…)

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