A New Kickstarter Project from American McGee: Out of the Woods

Table-top card games are becoming more popular these days, and Alice developer, American McGee, joins the fun! Out of the Woods is a table-top card game that involves 2 to 4 players to do their best to get out of the wood (hence, the title). One player gets left behind in the woods and is considered to be the loser who gets eaten by the wolves.

Out of the Woods is not just your regular card game, it also has a story presented in a book and a collection of art prints. The book contains 10 classic fairy-tales in uncensored form that includes Rapunzel which was shown in the video of the Kickstarter project. According to American McGee, each story is also accompanied by moral lessons which might help players navigate the woods.

For more details about Out of the Woods, you can check the project’s Kickstarter page here and support his latest project!

Source: Kickstarter Project Page