New Tales From The Borderlands Episode 5: Divestments Guide

Explore the final chapter of the new Borderlands game

Tales from the Borderlands chapter 5 feature

Divestments is the final episode of the New Tales From The Borderlands. Following what happened in Chapter 4, the crew has been captured and Susan is one step closer to her dreams of world domination. In this part of the game, everything is on the line and we have a guide to teach players what to do to reach the end of the game.

Divestments Part 1

Divestments Part 1

Upon capture and all, Anu is taken to a lab by Susan and her foot soldiers and out of nowhere, she is possessed once more spiritually by the unknown alien entity and teaching her a life lesson.

Divestments Part 1 a

Meanwhile, Octavio is being held prisoner and will engage in a conversation with Brock. A QTE event will occur in which you will force the guards to let you go and free your allies. While breaking out, Fran will also enter a QTE event which will let her escape her execution.

Divestments Part 2

Anu who is still possessed by the alien entity revisits her past and now her spirit in the body of Octavio. Scan the blue highlighted objects to make the bridge and continue the conversation.

Divestments Part 2

After the construction, things will start to turn weird as Fran takes over and the QTE will turn into a 2bit game mode where you will control her in Final Fantasy-style gaming. Defeat the Sponsor-bot. Do the following steps to defeat the monstrous RPG boss:

  • Click on Run
  • Click on Dealing with Self-Hatred
  • Click on Anger Kicks Ass!

Complete all these steps and the scene will change to Octavio running for his life with Brock. After which, he will encounter his idol, Bivington. A tough decision will be made to either shoot him or ignore him. Either choice is ok and no matter what happens you will eventually reunite with Fran.

Divestments Part 3

Divestments Part 3

After reuniting with Fran and LOU13, you will end up in Susan’s office. Look around and players will see an X marked on the floor and the crazed superfan returns for a rematch. Defeat him and another rare figurine will be awarded

Now interact with Fran and interact with the showcase to obtain Susan’s Echodex. After obtaining it, interact with Susan’s table to access her computer. Then, interact with a control panel and use the Echodex to hack into it.

Divestments Part 3a

The scene will begin to change once more and Anu will begin to appear in her body once more. She will need now to follow all the lights. Then, Octavio will be in control once more and see Anu unconscious. Being guarded by an unknown Tediore soldier who turns out to be Stapleface. Interact with her and she will become your ally. Afterward, Anu will be awake and the whole crew will be reunited.

Divestments Part 4

Divestments Part 4

With everyone reunited, the final stretch has become and they are heading straight to where Susan and her device are. Another QTE event will occur as Anu will try to access the door but in return, Stapleface will die.

Then, Fran will take control and use the correct sequence of buttons, she will try to open the door like making yogurt. Suddenly, green energy is bursting out of Anu and players must calm her down. But out of nowhere, LOU13 will jump in and take a bullet for you and will sacrifice his life.

Divestments Part 4a

A big tough decision will occur as players enter the room where Susan is and she will grab Anu using a mechanical hand. There are 3 options and the correct one to choose is to reject the shard and another QTE will occur.

Divestments Part 4b

After rejecting the shard and getting Anu free, Susan will grab the shard and fuse with it to become an unknown monstrous being. Follow the QTE sequence once more properly or else it’s game over. Once all is done players will begin to see the ending of the game and depending on their choices will have various endings.

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