New World – How to play with your friends in multiplayer

Here's how you can invite friends to join your group.

New World

When you play New World together with your friends, you will be lucky that you can be together with them in the same region but at the same time unlucky if you get separated. There is no guaranteed feature that will lock you together with your friends in the same area so that you all can go on an adventure.

Here is the New World How to Play with your Friends Together Online guide to follow.

New World – How to play with friends

Same Servers

Players who get lucky to have joined the game together with their friends in the same region will make it easier to party up. If you are one of those who got lucky, then you can just press the ‘O’ key in order to open the social menu window. You can now add the names of other players here or just start a group so that you can always keep tabs with your friends. You should see a Group button on the left side of the window. It is the one with a plus sign on it.

New World

With this window, you can now start inviting people to join your merry group of friends and play together in the region. You can also add strangers to your list that might have become friends with you with this too. When you have joined the group either each of you has untoggled the PvP setting or not. This option will not show up right away though since you will need to complete several quests first.

Playing with friends or in a group does have big benefits. One of them is the most important and most advantageous one: getting the same kill if someone else in the group has killed a monster already. If, for example, you have a quest that needs to kill a specific amount of monsters, and you are in a group where a groupmate has killed that kind of monster, you also get that kill point. It will get easier to complete the task and almost not get your hands to get dirtied.

The only requirement though and for it to work is that you need to be nearby your groupmate to get that kill counted or else it will not get recorded if they are far away. That would be cheating in a way.

Different Servers

It is a different story when you and your friends get separated when you spawn in different region without anyone you know. And yes, even if you create a new character and spawn again, there is a big chance that you will still appear in a different region, so do not press your luck.

The only thing that you can do now is to try completing all of the quests in the mainline until you get to the point where you can now cross other regions. Along the way, you can meet strangers and become friends with them and maybe you make a new circle of friends too. This has always been one of the main purposes of MMORPG: to socialize with strangers from anywhere around the world and play a friendly game with them. Who knows, you might just create enough connections that might help you in the long run.

When you complete a certain amount of friends, you can then meet up with your old groupmates and add them and create a group afterward.

How to play with friends at the Starting Area in New World

You can play with your friends immediately after you completed the New World tutorial. After you load up at one of the beaches, you should have an objective of giving your quest to one of the NPCs at the watchtower location. Instead of accepting another quest from this specific NPC, skip this by ending the conversation, and you should be able to accept other quests within the watchtower area. You can then join your friends, or invite them over to aid you.

However, if you have started the main starting quests, you won’t have a choice but to complete them until you get to the point of searching for the Mysterious Old Man.

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New World is now available on PC.