Nightingale: All Biome Realm Cards and How to Get Them

A guide about all the Biome Realm Cards in Nightingale

Nightingale Biome Realm Cards cover

Biome Cards are a type of Realm Cards in Nightingale that are used to change and modify the type of biomes of the realms that players can visit. Different biomes offer different kinds of flora, fauna, and resources that will be needed to craft specialized tools and gear. Read ahead as we go through the different kinds of Biome Realm Cards in Nightingale.

There are three Biome Cards available in Nightingale:

Each of these biomes has different types of creatures, resources, and environmental challenges. Additionally, the abundance or scarcity of resources will also vary among these biomes, making it one of the main things to consider when setting up a base.

All Biome Cards will be given via the tutorial at the start of the game and copies of each card can be crafted through any Enchanter’s Focus using these materials:

  • x1 Paper
  • x1 Ink

To use a Biome Card, it has to be paired with a Major Card on a Portal in order to create the desired realm.

Forest Card

Forest Card - Nightingale Biome Realm Cards and How to Get Them

The Forest Card spawns a forest biome that is full of trees. Because of the amount of wood that can be harvested from the trees, forest biomes can be considered as a beginner-friendly realm to set up a base on.

There is a good mix of neutral and hostile creatures to encounter within the forest biomes which can give useful starting resources such as bones and hide. Other resources like the metals and minerals that are found within the forest are of the lowest tier.

The environmental challenges to watch out for in forest biomes are rain and hail. Rain will make characters wet which will affect max stamina and stamina regeneration. Rain also transitions into hail which can deal damage to characters that are not under any shelter or that do not have an umbrella.

Desert Card

Desert Card - Nightingale Biome Realm Cards and How to Get Them

The Desert Card spawns a desert biome that has vast expanses of sandy terrain which could be a great place to construct large bases and estates.

Creatures in the desert biome are not as hostile than ones found in the forest. There aren’t many trees within the desert which might make it hard to build stuff that need wood, but the minerals and metals that can be found are at middle tier which can impart better stats on crafted equipment.

Exploring the desert can be harsh during daytime as it can inflict the hot debuff which affects max stamina and stamina regeneration. This can be negated by staying under the shade or using the umbrella.

Swamp Card

Swamp Card - Nightingale Biome Realm Cards and How to Get Them

The Swamp Card spawns a swamp biome which is known as the most challenging biome to traverse. Not only does it has rocky hills and cliffs, most of its lowlands are covered with polluted swamp.

Wading in swamps should be avoided as much as possible as it can inflict the disease debuff which can cause tick damage until it is cured.

Going to a swamp biome still has its merits as it is the terrain that has the most abundant supply of middle tier and high tier metals and minerals. Players who don’t mind the challenging terrain may find it advantageous to build a base in the swamp to have better access to these resources.

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